At the end of his life, Wirydianna wrote down her memories.

In an effort that lasted for more than ten years, family members met repeatedly with senior ExxonMobil executives, including CEO Rex Tillerson, urging them to acknowledge what a grave threat climate change poses and to move more seriously into the field of clean energy.

She participated in the social life of the city, and 1823 met Alexander Pushkin.

Hanora de Lacy married George Browne, Baron of Camas, a scion of the ancient household of Knockmany, and these were the parents of the illustrious Count Marshal George Browne, Governor of Riga and Livonia and Knight of the Order of St.

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During the Williamite Wars, James fought for James II and the Jacobites, perhaps hoping to free his father from his imprisonment in the Tower of London.

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What he really wanted, when he allowed himself to dream of it, was to live quietly in the country. A gentleman farmer. It sounded so… peaceful. So completely unlike everything his life had represented during the past few years.

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But such a life required land, and land required money, which was something Peter had in short supply. He’d have a small sum once he sold his commission and officially retired from the army, but it wouldn’t be enough.

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He looked over at Tillie Howard — Lady Mathilda, he reminded himself. She was exactly the sort he wouldn’t be marrying. Wealthy beyond imagination, the only daughter of an earl. He probably shouldn’t even be talking to her. People would call him a fortune hunter, and even though that’s exactly what he was, he didn’t want the label.

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Peter felt his lips part as he digested her words. “Harry was a hero,” he heard himself say, and it was the truth. Harry had proven himself a hero a dozen times over, fighting valiantly, and more than once saving the life of another. But Harry hadn’t died a hero, not in the way most people liked to think of it. Harry was already dead by the time they fought the French at Waterloo, his body hopelessly mangled in a stupid accident, trapped for six hours beneath a supply wagon that someone had tried to repair one time too many. The damn thing should have been chopped for firewood weeks earlier, Peter thought savagely, but the army never had enough of anything, including humble supply wagons, and his regiment commander had refused to give it up for dead.

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“Harry was a hero,” Peter said again, because it was true, and he’d long since learned that those who hadn’t experienced war could never understand the truth of it. And if it brought comfort to think that any death could be more noble than another, he wasn’t about to pierce the illusion.