In The Fox and the Hound, Chief is one of Amos Slade's hunting dogs

However, north of the border there is no limit to the number of the dogs involved, and full packs of pedigree hounds still take part in fox hunts, mainly in the Borders.

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Being attacked as Van Pelt while trying to take a bath is the last straw for Alan. When Judy and Peter enter Jumanji with the clue "", they learn that Alan has been plotting to get rid of Van Pelt. The trio find him hunting the monkeys, and lay a trap for him but he sees the trip wire and then blasts at the kids and Alan. Alan takes his gun, but then he unleashes hounds. Judy states that they should give up trying to hunt Van Pelt, but Alan and Peter decide to throw him down a bottomless pit. Van Pelt falls into the pit but catches Alan's leg as he goes in, while Alan holds onto the cliff. Peter knocks him off Alan and takes his staff out of his hand, dropping him into the abyss below. Feeling triumphant, Peter and Judy return to the real world, with the staff as a trophy. Peter goes into trances and begins to see cars, people, and other objects as monstrous Jumanji animals. After Rock and his goons bully him in class, he goes on a rampage attacking them and speaking like Van Pelt. He flees the school, Judy follows him to their house. She is shocked to see him with a mustache like Van Pelt, So she decides to forcibly take him to Jumanji but nothing happens when she rolls the dice. Judy kicks the game, causing it to suck them in. They discover that Alan now lives in Van Pelt's mansion. She shows him Peter, who now fully resembles Van Pelt. To their shock, it's the law of Jumanji that there must always be a hunter, and if said hunter is defeated, the victor takes his place. PeterVan Pelt hunts Alan and Judy with hounds, guns atop an elephant. PeterVan Pelt reveals he wants to take over Alan. But to stop the cycle now, Judy takes Van Pelt's staff while he's distracted by Alan and throws it into the abyss where this all started. Peter returns to normal, not remembering what happened after defeating Van Pelt the first time. The kids return safely home, but Van Pelt crawls out of the pit and confronts Alan, who joyfully becomes the hunter's prey once again.

"Hound hunting of bears is illegal ..

California bans hound hunting of bears, bobcats

The class-ridden debate on fox hunting delivered the 2005 law which specified that only two hounds could be used to “flush out” foxes, which would then be shot. Three years earlier Scotland had brought in its own ban.

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The Government’s attempt to change the rules on fox hunting and end the ban on using a full pack of hounds could be wrecked in the Commons this week.

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Although the Conservative manifesto promised a free vote to repeal the hunting ban introduced by Tony Blair’s government, the Prime Minister has opted for an easier route which makes technical changes to the Hunting Act.