in short, vile, reprehensible, and probably worthy of the trash.

There is even a "cameo" appearance by Franz Liszt, as a collar wearing cleric from his later years (played by Fritz Leiber, Sr., father of the fantasy author)!

Interestingly, Wegener made three golem films, so I am not certain which of these I have seen!

What we get is lots of profanity a gory shot gunned hand- a toastier burning sequence for one of the leads as he screams- and a more fully realized and coherent film. There are no women. Just a group of men on a fishing adventure hunted in the remote Canadian wilderness by an unseen killer. Way ahead of it's time in that respect. A decent "Deliverance" inspired horror with it's own dark twisted vision - BA

Other gruesome murders start occurring shortly thereafter…

In spite of this cloud of scandal,  is one of the most important foundations of the horror cinema.

She can trust no one and even people she thought were dead come back to haunt her…. Michael Gough. Also includes the Featurette "All You Need is Blood" filmed during the making of Satan's Slave with Gough interview etc. BA

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German expressionist director Paul Leni's first American film, is the granddaddy of all haunted house comic chillers with many features that became stock items in subsequent films, such as a creepy housekeeper, grasping hairy claws, sliding panels and secret passages, a maniac on the loose, and the plot device of a gathering of heirs assembled for the reading of a will.

With Sissy Spacek, Piper Laurie, Amy Irving, John Travolta

Reflecting a German expressionistic style, Whale's film owes certain features to Paul Wegener's The Magician and Wiene's The Cabinet of Dr.

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Or best of all, get the Milestone Collection DVD called the Ultimate Edition, featuring the magnificent restored version of the 1929 re-release of the film with all the color sequences and a superb new musical score, as well as the theatrical version with its .

Why this should be is a profound question

Based on Tod Robbins' story, , Tod Browning's classic of dark cinema is one of the most notorious and controversial films in cinematic history, yet watching it I found myself asking why it was so shocking to the audiences who first saw it.

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Over the next few years, Quaid appeared in the 1980 Western The Long Riders with his brother Randy and in the romantic comedy All Night Long (1981), costarring Gene Hackman and Barbra Streisand. After starring in a few low-rated films like The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia (1981) and Jaws 3-D (1983), he won acclaim for his portrayal of the cocky astronaut Gordon Cooper in The Right Stuff, the 1983 film version of Tom Wolfe's best-selling book, costarring Sam Shepard and Ed Harris.