The population of Denmark is about 2/3 million

His son Canute fled to Denmark, fearing the revenge of Ethelred. Moreover in 1015 Norway became independent of Denmark. However Ethelred died in 1016. Some of the English were willing to accept Canute as king but some elected a man named Edmund Ironside. The two fought for the crown.

 Only 25% of the population of Denmark lives in towns and cities

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44% of the population of Denmark lives in towns and cities

By 1700 the population of Denmark was about 2/3 of a million.

The first human beings enter Denmark Farming is introduced into Denmark Bronze is introduced into Denmark Runes are used in Denmark Trading settlements flourish in Denmark Denmark becomes a single kingdom King Harald Bluetooth becomes a Christian. Most of his people follow. Sweyn Forkbeard king of Denmark conquers Norway Norway becomes independent The Danes capture Pomerania and Mecklenburg The Danes conquer Estonia The Danish king sells Estonia The Black Death devastates Denmark Denmark, Sweden and Norway are united Sweden becomes independent Denmark and Sweden fight for control of the Baltic States Denmark and Sweden fight again The king of Denmark greatly increases his power The population of Denmark is about 2/3 million Crown Prince Frederick becomes regent of Denmark and introduces reforms

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During the 18th century Denmark was an overwhelmingly agricultural society. There was little industry. The peasants were not free. Each man had to live in the village he was born in between the ages of 4 and 40 and he had to spend some of his time working on his landlords land rather than his own.

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Denmark took part in the Great Northern War 1709-1720 against Sweden but at the wars end had little to show for it. However most of the 18th century was a peaceful one for Denmark and quite a large merchant navy was built up.

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Nevertheless after the war the king of Denmark greatly increased his power. In 1660 the Danish assembly, the Rigsdag, granted him autocratic powers. From then on the Danish king was an absolute monarch, at least in theory.

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The Danes and the Swedes fought again in 1658-1660. The Treaty of Copenhagen ended the War. For Denmark the terms were humiliating. The Danish king was forced to surrender territory to the Swedish king. The Swedes were also granted exemption from tolls charged on ships passing through the Sound.

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Meanwhile Christian IV (1588-1648) founded new towns in Denmark and gained overseas possessions. However Christian insisted on intervening in the Thirty Years War in Germany (1618-1648). However in 1626 the Danish army was severely defeated and was forced to retreat. The enemy army occupied Jutland for 18 months. In 1629 Christian made peace by the treaty of Lubeck.