A Comparison of the Greek and Oceanic Mythology

The Maoris’ Hutu and the Marquesan Kena resemble Greek mythology’s (see mythology, greek) Orpheus in that they visit the underworld to retrieve a dead loved one.

On some islands, the mythology recounts that the earth was created from the sea - by a butterfly.

Australian and Oceanic
Mythology brought to you by sydney digangi and aylee safabakhsh As you probably noted, Oceania doesn't have
many love stories, but they do have some interesting myths.

Legends of Gods and Ghosts (Hawaiian Mythology) ..

Oceanic Mythological Gods and Goddesses -Afekan- Afekan was the creator goddess.

Briefly dipping into the ways our understanding of myth has changed from Aristotle and Plato to modern scholars such as Joseph Campbell, the introduction places the concept in its present context and precedes articles on influential mythologists and mythological approaches that appear later in the Companion.