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Thus, the question arises: Is Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s impaneling of a new grand jury in Washington step one in the impeachment of President Donald Trump?

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Also consider this: We are talking about the grand-jury stage, not a trial. Mueller would not have prove beyond a reasonable doubt the facts said to justify issuance of a grand-jury report. He’d just have to argue that there is enough suspicious conduct on the part of the president and his associates to warrant a report.

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Obviously, I’m just a commentator here in the peanut gallery, and other commentators see things differently. But even if I am right that there is no crime, bear in mind that we are talking precisely about what a grand jury may do when there is no crime — i.e., when a public official has engaged in dodgy but noncriminal behavior that is somehow connected to criminal misconduct allegedly committed by others. Mueller could very well argue that this is Trump’s situation, and that it thus calls for a grand-jury report questioning his suitability for the responsibilities of the presidency.

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he principal function of a federal grand jury is to investigate a suspected crime with an eye toward returning an indictment — a formal accusation of felony misconduct. In the alternative, a grand jury may file a “no true bill,” a formal finding that the prosecutor failed to show probable cause that the subject of the investigation committed a crime.

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The following shows all of the notes on the grand staff. A ledger line is a small line added to the note when it is either above or below the staff. The Middle C note is on the ledger line that is between the treble and bass staff.

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Here, we must again recall that, in contravention of the regulations that govern special-counsel appointments, the Justice Department did not issue a jurisdictional mandate describing the factual basis for a criminal investigation. Mueller was instead assigned to conduct the Russia counterintelligence investigation. Because that was not a criminal investigation, Mueller’s probe was not confined to specified crimes. As a practical matter, there are no limits to his investigative warrant, and thus no limits to what a grand jury might inquire into — and ultimately allege in a report.

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The grand staff represents the treble staff and bass staff joined together. The brace is a curved line and bar line that combines the treble and bass staff.

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In other words, they are just the sort of thing you’d find in a report issued by a grand jury. Which means that a report issued by a grand jury could be just the sort of thing a special counsel might refer to Congress as the potential foundation for an impeachment case.