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Such techniques included in genetic engineering (both "good" and "bad") are, genetic screening both during the fetal stage and later in life, gene therapy, sex selection in fetuses, and cloning....

The science comes in different forms the two major being cloning and genetic reconstruction.

These facts demonstrate that cloning will become an indispensable part of people’s lives in the future because it is simply the best way to eradicate genetic diseases and to get rid of some other health problems....

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Modern technology and science has changed the world we live in today, from creating things as simple as a play station four’s or a smart phone to creating the power to genetically clone human race.

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Another development has been the refinement of the technique called cloning, which produces large numbers of genetically identical individuals by transplanting whole cell nuclei....

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As we progressed one step closer to successfully cloning and developing a human being, legislators and the general public have become more concerned about the ethical and moral implications of this procedure.

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Obviously the cloning of humans or the cloning of human cells is much different than the cloning of genetically superior livestock or a better quality, higher yielding food crop, and people throughout the world realize this.

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Our leading animal cloning technology allows breeders to better leverage their most exceptional animals. We have a deep understanding of these industries and are world leaders in animal reproductive technology.

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Genetic engineering, also referred to as biotechnology, is a fairly new science where the genes of an organism are modified to change the features of an organism or group of organisms.


Genetic engineering and cryogenic freezing are two current technologies related to the theme in the novel of science transcending the limits of what humans can and should do.

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ViaGen Equine works with all breeds of horses to help extend the reproductive life of these majestic animals and insure owners against unforeseen injury or loss. We clone studs that are genetically identical to top-performing geldings.