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I LOVE the art style. It really feels like an anime. The characters also. And the world FEELS like in an anime. But ONLY the city. When you run around with your character around the city it feels like in an anime which I adore.. but, it feels cramped. Rather not cramped but it feels like it is sealed. Like you are in a box. By this I mean that tit doesn't feel ''open''. Imagine you being in a snowglobe and you feel isolated and claustrophobic. I really don't know how, but a more ''open world'' feel has to be acheived. But it is still great, it makes me feel nostalgic for some reason. Maybe watching Sword Art Online gave me this feeling as well, I am not sure. But a more open game world( at least the feel of it) would be nice. The fighting areas are kind of ''meh''. Just go through them and there is nothing really worth mentioning. Maybe the problem with the ''isolation'' feeling is that the areas are kind of small, and well, literally sealed off with forests or houses.

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The Klein MM1000 is a digital multimeter with an auto ranging feature; it provides most of the essential functions an electrician has to encounter. It seems to be well built in size and shape. The ribs on the two sides of the meter facilitate a stronger grip.

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The design is nice. It is small and simplistic. It is minimalistic, yet has the feel of an Apple device because of the design a bit. Which can go either way. I wonder what the sound will be then? If it will be better than most, let's say, android phone speakers then it's a valuable product.

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This really is just a certain niche. This weird, small world, anime style game. Almost as if a standalone RPG game with open world elements. As of now there are really a lot of more polished and better F2P games, Archage, Terra, Flyff, even Runescape(which as a membership option but still counts as their selection fo things to do is HUGE) .

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The rugged design and IP 67 class of the DMM makes it water proof and drop proof (2 meters). This True RMS multimeter is very suitable for industrial use. Relative mode is present and data hold and auto power off features of the meter are of course also advantageous. The handy size and light weight (360g) of the meter makes it super value for the money.