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"I realized I was looking at you,
in your visit, through old glasses.
Speaking old words.
Telling old stories.
I realize that in my life I've made so many
physical changes and I need to give my spirit time to catch up."
Time for my spirit to look at my friend
through the new glasses of current life experiences.
Old friends are precious.
They become even more treasured when they are wrapped
in the currentness of life experiences
and not relegated to the past in which they once lived.
- Mary Anne Radmacher

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The body in Beckett is thereby not merely a vessel for a character but a prop of its own that can be used to explore or exaggerate the themes and ideas of his plays.

The Obliteration of Becket and Henry's Friendship

Despite the popularity of Beckett’s works, little scholarly information can be found about them....

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-I'm waiting for Godot This little dialogue sums up this piece of Nobel prize winning author Samuel Beckett's most popular absurdist play, Waiting For Godot, which is one of the first examples of Theatre of the Absurd.

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When you actually read their work however, it becomes clear that some authors share common views on certain subjects or admire another author or playwright so much that their own style begins to directly reflect the work of another.

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Beckett uses the stage, each character, each word, each silence, and every detail in the play to create an uncomfortably barren atmosphere, devoid of color and life.

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Written during late 1948 and early 1949 and premiered as a play in 1953 as En attendant Godot, Beckett coupled these devices with minimalism and absurdity in order to create the tragicomedy known to English speakers as Waiting for Godot.

The loving friendship between the two seems ..

Lack of punctuation and fragmented repetition make the play rather challenging to grasp yet effectively mirrors the purpose that Beckett has intended in this work.

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As the play progresses Didi and Gogo start to lose faith in what they're waiting for, and as Pozzo and Lucky grow old, they achieve less, and become more useless.