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In The First Continuation, the Fisher King maintains his role in assessing the worthy knight; however, as different writers expand upon Chrétien's work, various changes, sometimes inconsistent, are made to the Fisher King: his appearance has sometimes been altered to suggest that he is not maimed (130), and new tasks, such as the mending of the Broken Sword, must be completed.

In The First Continuation, Gawain's adventures encompass the entire story: his character functions as a foil to Perceval in his movement toward becoming a spiritual knight.

Modern texts treat the Fisher King less as a character and more as a motif: T.

As the Fisher King is Perceval's uncle in Chrétien's Perceval, so is Anfortas to Parzival, and his healing depends on Parzival's asking of the Grail Question, which in this case is: "Uncle, what troubles you?" (254).

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The Fisher King reveals that he is descended from Joseph of Arimathea and is thus a Grail King.

Pellam's role as host to the Lance suggests that he is the ruler of the Grail Castle; although Pelles is, in fact, its ruler, it appears that Malory had at one point considered making Pellam his Fisher King.

Malory later identifies King Pelles as the Fisher King, calling him the "kynge Pe[scheo]r" (XIII.18.537.7).

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This is not to say that Mason is implying that the Memorial will completely heal Emmett and the other Fisher Kings of the Vietnam War, but rather, that the Memorial serves as an important, perhaps necessary, step in the healing process after the War.

Katherine Paterson's children's novel, Park's Quest, draws from Chrétien's Perceval in its narrative of a young Perceval character in search of his lineage.

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Sam obsesses over healing these victimized veterans, so much that her mother worries that Sam is actually taking responsibility away from Emmett and the others for their own healing (167).

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The Broughtons have always been crazy about war" (39); nevertheless, Park searches for his father's identity, finding his name on the Vietnam Memorial (31) and then going off to spend several weeks with his father's family.

While staying with his father's family in Virginia, Park meets his grandfather, Parkington Weddell Broughton III, the Fisher King of Park's Quest.

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In both novels, young Perceval characters—Sam and Park—go on a Grail Quest to heal their respective Fisher Kings; however, both Sam and Park discover that this healing is much more complex than they originally thought, and that they too are in search of their own healings.

In Bobbie Ann Mason's In Country, the Fisher King is embodied in Emmett, a Vietnam War veteran.

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In other modern stories, various characters and situations, which embody the Fisher King and the Grail legend, make different connections between the legend and modern culture.

Two modern American novels, In Country and in Park's Quest, both associate the Fisher King with the Vietnam War, and with tensions within families.