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Developed through a collaboration between HERI and the Policy Center on the First Year of College at Brevard College, YFCY enables institutions to identify features of the first year that encourage student learning, involvement, satisfaction, retention and success, thereby enhancing first-year programs and retention strategies at campuses across the country.

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First-Year Experience at Craven Community College is here to ensure that you have an outstanding and successful first year. Craven is committed to your success and wants your experience here to be educational and fulfilling. We encourage you to take advantage of these first-year opportunities as one of the most important steps you will take towards your own success as a college student.

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Cowles Fellowship The Cowles Fellowship is one of the most prestigious academic awards offered by Simpson College. Cowles Fellowships range from $24,000 to full tuition. In addition, Cowles Fellows will receive a travel stipend to be used for international/domestic travel or internship study to enhance the student’s educational experience. It is awarded only to full-time students entering their freshman year. Candidates must possess extraordinary academic ability and potential as evidenced by high school performance, including standardized test scores. Leadership skills and participation in high school or community activities will be given strong consideration. The Cowles Fellowship is renewable with a Simpson College cumulative GPA of 2.25 up to and including 61 completed hours. Above 61 completed hours, a cumulative GPA of 2.50 must be maintained.

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Collect information about extracurricular experiences
YFCY collects information on all aspects of student life including social commitments, study habits, volunteer and service work, student employment, residential life experiences, involvement in campus organizations, religious practices, and family obligations. Survey items provide information on both the quantity and quality of these experiences.

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Study specific first-year programs
Several questions on YFCY assess students’ experiences with various campus programs such as orientation, honors courses, first-year seminars, remedial coursework, service learning opportunities, academic advising, and learning communities as well as interaction with campus advisors, counselors, and other support personnel.

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Examine student change
As a follow-up instrument, YFCY is designed to help institutions assess how their students have changed since entering college. When combined with CIRP Freshman Survey data, the YFCY serves as a longitudinal measure of students’ cognitive and affective growth during the first year.

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Schools participating in the YFCY receive an institutional profile, which includes your institutional results broken out by sex, full and part-time status, comparisons with other similar institutions, significance testing, effect sizes, CIRP Constructs and Theme reports, and a data file of your student responses. Schools using the YFCY as a post-test to the CIRP Freshman Survey will also receive a Longitudinal Profile, which can be used to assess growth and change over the first year of college.

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Freshman year of college is an important milestone in a student’s academic life. Whether it’s developing effective study habits or fostering relationships with professors and peers, what happens in that freshman year can impact academic and future professional success.