Teacher Unions Fight to Keep Clout in Right-to-Work …

An excellent and heartbreaking article. I find it shocking that the judicial system places so little value on keeping families together. Placing a child who has loving relatives who want to take care of them into the unstable foster care system sure doesn't seem like "common sense" to me. Those of us who value the importance of family and human rights need to work harder to push for more just and human immigration policies. I'm so incredibly tired of the silly outraged rhetoric about how "illegals" should go home. No human being is illegal. Besides there are over 12 million undocumented people in the US and they are a huge pillar supporting not only the economy but the social security system. If they all went home voluntarily the agricultural industry in Michigan would collapse not to mention a lot of local restaurants would immediately go out of business. But even if that weren't the case- every human being regardless of their country of origin is worthy of being treated with respect and dignity and have the right to raise their own children in decent conditions. Bravo WCIR for your important work. My heart goes out to the parents and children who are suffering due to these irresponsible and cruel decisions.

Teacher Unions Fight to Keep Their Clout in Right-to-Work States

Wow, the compassion here is very nearly contemptible!Does no one see the big picture here? are all the judgmental comments made by people who have never broken the speed limit or turned right on red, even if there is a sign posted not to do so? The bigger picture here is that DHS is taking these families and ripping them apart. making them jump through hoops and more hoops until they are so warn down and exhausted by trying to prove they are good parents, that there is no time left to actually be a good parent. and the fact the DHS, in more cases then not, rushes to petition the court for abandonment, instead of just sending the children to the parents in the native country proves that the bottom line is nothing more than making money on the backs of children. The System is corrupt and innocent people are footing the bill. no matter who they are or where they are from.

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“…the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

African Americans, Latinos, young people, the elderly, people who live in cities and people with disabilities are much more likely to be harmed by such policies, which are typically designed to suppress their vote. To ensure that every eligible voter can cast a ballot, the Let People Vote campaign will work in every state to expand voting rights.