What are the most famous manifestos ever written

Another thing to remember, Karl Marx in creating the Communist Manifesto designed these planks AS A TEST to determine whether a society has become communist or not.

You will find the Ten Planks of the Communist Manifesto interesting at this point.

Another book in our set of 10 famous manifestos. This one written in 1999 challenged the future of business in an online world. It comprised 99 ideas that challenged existing business thinking. It is still widely referred to today.

4 The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and ..

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Jiang Jieshi issued a New Life manifesto from Nanchang that combined the Neo-Confucian virtues of propriety, correct conduct, discrimination, and shame with Protestant puritanism and fascist methods to militarize the nation. Various Guomindang organizations promoted his New Life Movement with lectures, pamphlets, plays, and movies. The propaganda was also spread in the schools and by the YMCA and the Boy Scouts. Women were especially pressured to avoid feminist innovations and conform to traditions in “chastity, appearance, speech, and work.” The Nationalist government suppressed dissent and put at least a thousand students in prison. Forcing the Communists to migrate enhanced the power and prestige of the Nationalist regime, and the militarists in Hunan, Yunnan, Guizhou, and Sichuan lost power. After being close to Jiang in Nanjing, Sheng Shicai went to Xinjiang and became chief of staff for Jin Shuren. After Muslims rebelled in 1934, Sheng took over the province and proclaimed anti-imperialist principles and an alliance with the USSR which lasted eight years. Moscow sent him loans and technical aid in 1935 and military aid to put down a Muslim rebellion in 1937.

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On April 17 the Wuhan government dismissed Jiang Jieshi as commander-in-chief, but the next day he and Hu Hanmin defiantly formed a Nationalist government in Nanjing with a manifesto that was revolutionary but also anti-Communist. That day Wang Jingwei’s Wuhan government, which claimed authority over Hunan, Hubei, and Jiangxi, decided to launch their own northern campaign. Stalin was involved in a power struggle with Leon Trotsky, who accused him of letting collaboration with bourgeois forces limit the action of the Chinese Communists. Stalin supported Jiang’s policies, hoping that his victories would help his standing. Jiang’s army suppressed the Communists and unions in all the provinces he controlled—Guangdong, Jiangxi, Fujian, Zhejiang, and Jiangsu. Most of those executed in these areas were Communists, but it was reported that at radical Changsha in Hunan about thirty Chinese with foreign business connections were executed.

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The character translated as “themselves” above can also mean “private” so the line has a double-meaning in this context. It not only criticizes the Communist big-names for being selfish, but also for being hypocritical, since they were the one who preached against private ownership and thoughts. The leaflet was obviously an attack on how the PRC political circle was monopolized by families. Ye Qun and Jiang Qing were Lin Biao and Mao's wives, respectively. The little girl might be Li Na, the daughter of Mao and Jiang. The depiction of Lin's son, Lin Liguo, as an infant was rather incorrect as he was the No. 2 figure in the Red Chinese Air Force by 1971. The Chinese government, to this day, believes that he planned to assassinate Mao with his father's blessing in 1971. The plan was exposed, leading to him and his family's death during the unsuccessful flight to the USSR.

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In early 1931 Gu Shunzhang, head of the Politburo security service, was sent to Wuhan to assassinate Jiang Jieshi. He was arrested and defected, resulting in thousands of Communists being killed in the next three months. In reprisal his family was murdered. The Nationalists often implemented a policy of burning villages and killing all the able-bodied men. Women and girls were sold as prostitutes or slaves. Heads became too heavy to tally the dead, and so they collected ears. One division proudly collected 700 pounds of ears. In Hubei more than 100,000 villagers were killed in Huang’an county. In Henan 80,000 were killed in Xin county. In the Hunan-Hubei base area only 10,000 people remained where one million had been living. The Nationalists killed the families of Communist leaders, including Mao’s wife.