Towards the end of the Duel, ..

They shuffle each other's decks, then Rafael returns to the other side of the roof. They activate their Duel Disks and prepare to duel, as lightning flashes in the sky. Rafael says that since he's the returning champion, he'll start things off. He plays the magic card, Guardian Treasure (cut from the US version is this shot of an aurora in the sky over Rafael's head, after he plays Guardian Treasure),

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We know the death of Smaug is coming and that this is Bards moment to redeem his ancestors and take down the dragon with the last black arrow and the Windlance. This will be Bards moment in the sun, as he does everything in his power to save the city and kill the dragon. I have no doubt that this will be one of the most exciting moments in the entire trilogy. This is definitely one of the most iconic passages in The Hobbit and will hopefully live up to it’s name, Fire and Water. We know that the Windlance sits atop the highest tower in Esgaroth and if I know Peter Jackson, he will certainly turn this scene into a hair raising confrontation that will come down to a split second where everything hangs in the balance, everyone on the edge of their seats. In the end it will come down to the skill and courage of one man to save the day!

This caused the end of Dumbledore and Grindelwald's ..

The customary rules governing the conduct of a duel

Yami sets one card face down and ends his turn, thinking that he's never come across a duelist like Rafael before, who refuses to let any of his monsters go to the graveyard. He protects his monsters at all costs—why would a duelist like this hold the Seal of Orichalcos?

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Yami draws, then plays Queen's Knight (1600 DEF) in defense, and ends his turn, thinking that he's surprised Rafael didn't play the Seal of Orichalcos right away. Perhaps Rafael's toying with him.... (Or maybe he just hasn't drawn it yet. Duh. Last turn, he played one card then discarded his whole hand, drew two more cards, played one and set the other. Obviously, he doesn't have the Seal of Orichalcos in his hand. Ahem. Anyway, Japanese Yami thinks that Rafael will certainly use the Seal of Orichalcos—but when?)

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Atop the Paradias building, Rafael tells Yami that as they speak, the most devastating creature that ever lived is waiting to rise again. All it needs now is the Pharaoh's soul, and the Seal of Orichalcos will take care of that. He was already able to defeat Yami once, but Yami cheated him by switching places with someone else. (Japanese Rafael says that soon the door of destiny will be opened by Lord Dartz. The moment for the answer to be revealed will soon be here. For the sake of that day, he asks the Pharaoh to duel him again. He says that he did defeat Yami that day.) He remembers the end of their last duel, when Yugi was taken by the Seal in the Pharaoh's place, and tells Yami not to even think about trying to pull a stunt like that again. He doesn't appreciate being lied to, and besides, there's no one for Yami to hide behind this time. It's just him and Yami. (The flashback is different in the Japanese version, showing Rafael's Guardian Eatos' final attack against Yami, and Yami's life points going to zero. In the US version, it's changed to show Yugi pushing Yami out of the way so the Seal will take his soul instead.)

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Rafael remembers Yami using Brave Attack in his duel against Grimo, which allowed the three Magnet Warriors to combine their attack strengths to defeat Obelisk. Yami says yes, Brave Attack lets him add the attack points of all three of his monsters together, although they'll be destroyed after they attack. Rafael says Yami still hasn't learned his lesson about respecting his monsters, but Yami says it's time for him to teach Rafael a lesson about teamwork (Japanese Yami says he won't listen to Rafael any more—he believes in his relationship with his monsters), and sends his Knights to attack Guardian Grarl. But Rafael activates his trap card, Guardian Force, allowing him to negate and destroy a magic card, as long as there are no Guardian monsters in his graveyard. (Guardian Force gets a slight redesign in the US version.)