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Work on feelings may involve helping a bulimic to relate more effectively with other people. Aggression, placatory or avoidant ways of behaving toward others will be replaced by skills such as communication, assertiveness and conflict resolution, thereby enabling the person to maintain good boundaries and gain satisfaction from their interactions with others.

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Whilst bulimia nervosa was first believed to be a rare disorder, recent studies show that it is strikingly common among younger women. In the 1980s, famous personalities such as Jane Fonda and the Princess of Wales admitted to having this illness and this encouraged others to come forward for help. More recently a number of male celebrities and sportsmen (Elton John, Paul Gascoigne), admitting to bulimia make it clear that men get eating disorders too.

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It is not known how widespread bulimia is but it typically emerges in young women in late adolescence. It may follow a period of anorexia although most bulimics have never been anorexic. Once present, it may continue throughout adult life unless treated. Only 1 in 5 bulimics are male, and most male bulimics have a history of weight problems. The illness favours, but is not confined to, higher social grades and greater educational attainment. Thus bulimia is more commonly found in girls’ boarding schools, and among women at college or university. Statistics suggest a lifetime incidence of 1 in 10 women in higher education and 3 per 100 female adolescents in the population at large.

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One American study indicates that female body-builders, by contrast, seem to have a more positive body-image than other women. A London University study appears to confirm this, finding that women who take part in sport (body-builders, rowers and netballers) have more positive perceptions of their own bodies and increased acceptance of muscular body shapes, despite their divergence from cultural ideals. It is interesting to note that another study showed exercise therapy to be as effective as conventional psychotherapy in treating serious body-image disturbance in young women.

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I can answer that this is a step by step individual home treatment program: one for adults and one for under 18s (you will get the two different programs when you buy an electronic copy at the price of one) they contain everything I did with my daughter Amy to treat her Anorexia-Bulimia.

As a result of this treatment Amy is a beautiful young women today with the world at her feet. Her weight is a respectable 130 pounds a far cry from 85 pounds she had during her anorexia-bulimia years. She looks nice and very inspiring.

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Therapy for bulimia acknowledges the integral relationship between thoughts and feelings and the effect of these on behaviour. This can be done with cognitive-behavioural therapy; a treatment first found useful for depression which has been adapted for use with the eating disorders. The behavioural aspect of this treatment aims to change unhelpful behaviour by observing patterns which are unhelpful and then negotiating changes, which can be viewed as experiments. The cognitive aspect of treatment targets unhelpful thoughts and feelings which maintain bulimic behaviour.