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Michigan, Detroit - - The International Freedom Festival, Jazz Fest was intended to bring people into the city and to provide all segments of the population with world-class entertainment.

Minnesota, Duluth - - One of the largest annual outdoor music events in the upper Midwest held at Duluth’s Bayfront Festival Park.

Minnesota, Minneapolis - - An Annual Pan African Summer Festival in the Twin Cities, MN.

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Make plans to attend the Boise Soul Food Extravaganza.

Illinois, Chicago - - The AFA is a series of festivals within a festival built around African culture: art, music, dance, history and current interests and pursuits.

Illinois, Chicago - - Over 2 days in August, McCormick Place, the largest convention center in North America, becomes a mecca for Black women seeking to empower, to educate, to improve and celebrate their lives and the lives of their families.

Indiana, Michigan City - - Smooth Jazz At South Shore is one of the premier music festivals in the Midwest.

Indiana, South Bend - - Live music events to raise money for The Pangani Foundation, Inc.

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Thomas & Prince islands (Sao Tome and Principe) are locatedoff the west coast of Africa in the Gulf of Guinea.

The coins are dated from 2010 to 2012 and areUncirculated.
The West African States is a monetary union made up of formerFrenchcolonies in Western Africa. They all use a common currencyandthe same coins in all the countries. Until now, the membernations have issued few, if any coins under their own name. In2003 coins were issued for all seven members of the West African Statesthrough the West African Development Bank.

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California, Los Angelas - - The Pan African Film Festival (PAFF) is a non-profit corporation in Los Angeles, California that states its goal to promote "cultural understanding among peoples of African descent" through exhibiting art and film.

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North Carolina, Charlotte - - The festival will include gospel, blues, jazz, R&B, and hip- hop artist, art, literature, food, dancers, drummers, a marching band competition, speakers, vendors, special awards and recognitions and much more.

North Carolina, Charlotte - - The Goals of the Charlotte Black Film Festival is to:Promote diversity through cultural expressions, dialogue and understanding, Promote and display works that express the African-American experience.

North Carolina, Durham - - SJHF is dedicated to advancing cultural understanding through diverse programs that examine the experiences of Americans of African descent — locally, nationally and globally.

South Carolina, Charleston - - 14 days, 25 venues, 59 acts, 100 shows.

South Carolina, Hopkins - - The ever popular STRONG THREADS event is a unique opportunity to celebrate and educate the community through entertainment about their African American History, the people, and the rich heritage of Lower Richland County.

South Carolina, North Charleston - - 2013 will feature Millie Jackson, Mel Waiters, TK Soul, Latimore, Theodis Ealey, and The Klass Band.

South Carolina, Savannah - - Cultural education and exposure to the performing and visual arts, as well as ethnic cuisine, crafts, fun and family are emphasized throughout the celebration.

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BritishWest Africa was a currency union for Britain’s colonies inwestern Africa, including Nigeria, Gambia, Gold Coast (now Ghana) andSierra Leone. This bronze 1956 British West Africa Penny ofQueen Elizabeth II is 30.5mm in diameter. It was struck bythe King's Norton Metal Company in Birmingham and bears the KN mintmarkjust below the center hole. The hole is supposedly to make iteasy for natives without pockets to carry coins.

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It was one of the last coins issued by British WestAfrica. In 1958 the British West Africa currency board wasabolished as its members gained independence from Great Britain.