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Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or a combination of the two is extremely dangerous.Young drivers and their friends who are passengers in the car, need to know that a driver's capabilities to drive safely after having smoked pot or taken prescription drugs can seriously impaired.This is something we all need work on together in order to change attitudes of our youth.

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Interestingly, where you live can determine how likely you are to be smoking during pregnancy, with the North of England containing the areas with the most pregnant smokers. Unsurprisingly, these areas are also some of the poorest in the whole country. What’s more, pregnant teenagers are six times more likely to be smokers than pregnant women over the age of thirty.

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Of course, any statement about the dangers of smoking while pregnant is going to trigger comments from people such as, “Well I smoked an average of one hundred and five cigarettes a day while I was pregnant and my children have turned out fine”. However, the facts and figures are there in black and white. Cigarettes don’t do anybody any good and especially not tiny and fragile babies.