This is the ancient Filipino account of the creation.

Enki, the Sumerian water-God and God of wisdom, impregnates Ninhursag, his half-sister. Enki desires a son, but receives a daughter. He them impregnates his daughter, who in turn gives him a daughter. Ninhursag decides to put an end to this immoral procession by sowing eight poisonous plants in the garden. Enki eats of all eight plants and becomes deathly ill. On of Enki's sick organs is the rib. Nin-ti is created to heal Enki. Nin-ti means "she who makes live." It is approximately what Eve means. Nin-ti can also be translated as "the lady of the rib." "Ti" means rib and "to make live."

Stress that all cultures have stories to explain the Earth's creation.

Despite similarities to other creation stories told in the Ancient Mesopotamian basin, the stories of the Israelites were unique in that they described a single God who had a covenantal relationship with the Hebrew people. The creation stories of the Israelites, unlike those of other cultures, involved a strict moral code, along with the promise of Divine favor toward humans. Other cultures perceived the natural world as being inhabited by multiple gods battling for supremacy, and humans as pawns in their games (see mini-article. The God of the Israelites, however, was a God that controlled the many movements of nature in a cohesive, rather than conflicting manner.

Many creation myths begin with the theme of .

Creation stories address some of the fundamental questions of human existence.

Neighboring cultures also had a real influence on the Biblical creation stories. In fact, the Biblical stories have many similarities to the creation stories of ancient Egyptians, Amorites, Sumerians and others. People shared such stories orally for hundreds of years, and no doubt exchanged stories across cultures, shaping each other’s ideas. For example, the Enuma Elish is a collection of stories reflecting the religious beliefs of the Ancient Babylonians – stories that themselves were shaped by the stories of the Amorites and Sumerians. The creation story in the Enuma Elish parallels that of Genesis 1—the earth is born of water, called into being by gods.

Stress that all cultures have stories to explain the Earth's creation

Out of this union were born many evil deities whose main purpose was to create conflict, confusion, friction and strife. Tiamat, however, was not satisfied with her brood and decided to destroy it. In the war that ensued, Apsu was killed by his son Ea who, fearing his mother’s wrath subsequently fled to the farthest corner of Fresh Waters.

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When above the heavens were not named
Below the earth was not called by name
Apsu, the primeval, was their progenitor
Mummi-Tiamat was the bearer of all of them…
Their waters had been gathered together
Dry ground was not formed, grass was not seen,
When the gods, not one had been fashioned,
A name was not called, destinies were not fixed,
(Then) were created the gods in their midst.

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The primeval mound version also starts with a dark, watery abyss called the Nun, whose chaotic energies contained the potential forms of all living things. The spirit of the creator was present in these primeval waters but had no place in which to take shape. The destructive forces of chaos took the form of the great serpent Apep

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The Crow people say the Creator, Iichikbaalia, created the humans by instructing four ducks to go down into a body of deep water and retrieve mud from the bottom. The first three ducks failed, but after a long time, the fourth duck brought some mud from the bottom of the water. From this the Crow were formed. The Creator then breathed into his creation and for this reason Crow people say that speech or the word is sacred. Then he brought the Crow to a very clear spring and inside this spring they were shown a man with his bow drawn taught. The Creator said, "This is Crow people, I have made them to be small in number, but they will never be overcome by any outside force." The Crow people say that neither man nor woman was made first, it is simply said that the Crow were created.

The Bible offers stories on how God created the world

The event that marked the beginning of time was the rising of the first land out of the waters of the Nun. This primeval mound provided a place in which the first deity could come into existence. When he became conscious of being alone, he used his divine powers to create order out of chaos, gods and men in his own image, and a world for them to inhabit. The first deity is represented by the sun God, who brought the first light into the darkness of chaos.