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As a National Dairy Council video on YouTube points out, "Chocolate milk is the most popular milk choice among children, and it only has 60 more calories than white milk does." Only 60 more calories? "That sort of thing drives me crazy," says Schwartz. "People don't become obese overnight. You have too much sugar here and too much sugar there, and it adds up and adds up and sooner or later just becomes the norm."

If so, what is it?Are there any examples of conformity in The Chocolate War?

There was a study done where they took several GIP areas across the country and charted them since the end of World War II to present or present being two thousand and twelve.

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They'll be delighted to find a marshmallow face floating in their cup of hot chocolate.

Vicious and violent mob cruelty in a boy's prep school is not a new theme but Cormier makes it compellingly immediate in this novel of Trinity High, a boys' day school with the close, concentrated, self-contained atmosphere of a boarding school, temporarily headed by the venomous, manipulating Brother Leon and unofficially run by power-obsessed senior Archie Costello, the ingeniously audacious "assigner" for a secret organization called the Vigils. A typical Vigils assignment, which no student would consider refusing, is to spend the night undoing the screws of all the desks and chairs in one classroom, so that they collapse on touch next morning. More serious though is the assignment given to freshman Jerry Renault, who must refuse for 10 days to participate in the chocolate sale on which Brother Leon has staked his position. In strong, staccato scenes that shift from one boy to another Cormier tells about Jerry's persecution when he decides spontaneously to go on saying no after his ten days are up and Brother Leon induces Archie to see this as defiance of the Vigils. No underworld gang closing in on a victim is more menacing than this teenage army led by a Leon-Archie alliance against one boy whose locker poster reads "Do I Dare Disturb the Universe." Mature young readers will respect the uncompromising ending that dares disturb the upbeat universe of juvenile books.

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Remember when Marquette had football and had a stadium up on 35th St. near the what would later become the freeway? Remember when they were the Warriors and when Al MC Guire came to TOWN!?

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What they put in them was chocolate, oat flour, cocoa fat, skim milk and artificial coloring. But despite the many tepid reviews on the flavor, people continued to eat them. The Hershey Company in Hershey, Pennsylvania, made more than 40 million special chocolate bars for the military during the war.

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Otto said he never saw a European turn his or her nose up at the chocolate. “It was food,” he said. “That was pretty hard to find. In Germany, particularly after the war, I saw German kids standing around near the end of the mess line, where you would dump what was left in your mess kit into a 30-gallon can. These kids weren’t begging, just standing there very politely. When we were done, the kids would eat the food out of the garbage. They were that hungry.”

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Chocolate soap is supposed to be good for the skin. It’s not so good for the tongue. Unfortunately for the US soldiers of World War II, the chocolate bars the army gave them tasted like they were intended for use in the bath.