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After a uniformly dismal treatment of the Chinese Ming, which might make one wonder how the dynasty could have lasted 276 years, we get the following bizarre statement, perhaps added by Goldman in his revision of Fairbank's history:

This disparaging judgment comes out of the context of the late twentieth century, when technology and growth have created innumerable disorders in all aspects of life all over the world without disclosing as yet the principles of order that may postpone the destruction of human civilization.

Ancient civilizations used the movement of the heavens as celestial calendars

In this dictionary we see "barbarians" used where it is with scare quotes, sometimes replaced with "tribes," which doesn't imply much civilization, and finally just with "non-Chinese peoples." So it looks like DeFrancis and/or Chinese usage is moving in the direction that Keay indicates.

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Africa was the birthplace of civilization, humanity. An agent shaping world history

Within a few years, great civilizations and universities were flourishing, for according to the Prophet, 'seeking knowledge is an obligation for every Muslim man and woman'. The synthesis of Eastern and Western ideas and of new thought with old, brought about great advances in medicine, mathematics, physics, astronomy, geography, architecture, art, literature, and history. Many crucial systems such as algebra, the Arabic numerals, and also the concept of the zero (vital to the advancement of mathematics), were transmitted to medieval Europe from Islam. Sophisticated instruments which were to make possible the European voyages of discovery were developed, including the astrolabe, the quadrant and good navigational maps.

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Recent dissertation topics in Islamic Studiesinclude: Sufi Thought and Practice in the Teachings of `Ala` al-dawlaal-Simnani; The Greeks in Medieval Islamic Egypt: A Melkite DhimmiCommunity under the Patriarch of Alexandria, 640-1095; The FabulousGryphon; an Early Maghribine Work by Ibn al-`Arabi; Slavery in IslamicLaw: An Examination of Early Maliki Jurisprudence; Between Mysticismand Messianism: The Life and Thought of Muhammad Nurbakhsh: The Qur`anCommentary of al-Tha`labi; Mystical Language and Theory in the SufiWritings of al-Kharraz; The Travels and Teachings of Makhdum-iJahaniyan Jahangasht; Ahmad Ghazzali: Mystical Poet and Philosopher ofMedieval Islam.

Africa was the birthplace of civilization, humanity

The only drawbacks to their historical priority were that India suffered a setback, when the Indus Valley Civilization collapsed (for disputed reasons), and China got started later than the Middle Eastern civilizations.

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The idea that there are "Three Kingdoms," , is a Japanese conceit, placing those peripheral islands on equal standing with the great centers of civilization, India and China.

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One billion people from a vast range of races, nationalities and cultures across the globe - from the southern Philippines to Nigeria - are united by their common Islamic faith. About 18% live in the Arab world; the world's largest Muslim community is in Indonesia; substantial parts of Asia and most of Africa are Muslim, while significant minorities are to be found in the former Soviet Union, China, North and South America, and Europe.