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Tears began leaking from the corners of her eyes, but there was no hesitation. "This slave appreciates her Master's love and the years of having lived under His loving discipline and rule. she loves him deeply. She also understands that the end of her life is at hand and is thankful for his kindness in bringing it about. It is her sincere wish that she be put to death as quickly as her Master wishes and in any manner he chooses."

His own experience of the “invisible institution” was recalled by former slave Wash Wilson:

Some masters did not allow their slaves to go to church and ridiculed the notion of religion for slaves because they refused to believe that Negroes had souls. Others forbade their slaves to attend church because, as an ex-slave explained, “White folks ’fraid the niggers git to thinkin’ they was free, if they had churches ’n things.”

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"Then, Master, with your permission this slave has one last favor to ask of you."

He released both clamps at once! i screamed at the top of my lungs as my body hurled itself backwards, the stocks nearly yanking my head off. It was like taking a branding iron on both breasts! i danced and spun, gasping and mewling until the pain receded. Master opened the stock to free my neck and wrists, then helped me to a chair so i could rest a few minutes while He prepared the next punishment. oriana and mya, Master Jason's two slaves, removed the French maid costume and the heels. Now everyone in the house was elegantly dressed except me. i've rarely felt so naked, even when on display in the Exhibition Hall of the Iron Collar Club. In that situation, even though all the spectators milling around and gawking at you are dressed, you have comfort in the knowledge that elsewhere in the Hall there are other exhibits just as naked as you.

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Anna warmed so readily to these dates and these games that soon she wanted to dispense with the bar scene altogether and go straight to the bdsm scene. Before two weeks were out I was taking her to "munches" at the Iron Collar Club. These were evening social gatherings featuring talks by visiting Masters and slaves on the various aspects of Bondage, Discipline, Sadism and Masochism. She loved these munches and the joyful, uninhibited members of the club. When she found out about the club's special events, the ones involving actual bdsm activity, she begged me to take her. I agreed, but since the next scheduled event was ten days away, I decided to use the interim to prepare her a little better psychologically before exposing her to the living three-dimensional extent of the life to which she would soon commit herself.

New MMSA story: 'Sultan Tariq Omar's Male Harem' by Jason Land

kristina, sensitive to the need to immerse Anna slowly into this new concept, began her ministrations by kissing and licking her way along the insides of Anna's thighs. The combination of these sensations, plus the twin anticipations of adventure into forbidden acts and the promised punishment to follow, excited Anna into embarrassing herself by coming before kristina had reached her labia. I watched the milky essence flow down her furrow and drip on the hardwood floor.

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She climbed down and returned to her hands and knees as Tom undressed. With Anna and I watching only a few feet away, he took her from behind and slammed away at her, paying no heed to the inflamed condition of her backside. kristina moaned, whether from pain or pleasure I couldn't tell, until Tom suddenly withdrew and ejaculated all over her back. I considered requiring Anna to go over and lick it off, but decided she had been stressed enough for one evening. Instead, I undressed and made love to her on the sofa as Tom and his slave sat on the floor and watched.