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I am a 47 year old woman and only discovered that the apocrypha was taken out of the bible about 7 years ago when i bought a English bible. it wasn’t in there and i was wondering to someone about that, and she simply had never even heard of it. I grew up German and my parents bible always had the apocrypha, i read them when i was still in school and they have inspired me immensely. The word magic has never come to my mind in any of the books, all it ever have thought me is how to live by faith. I don’t see how anyone can think that God comanded too take it out if it has been part of the bible from long before Christ was born. Just my opinion!

The Bible portrays an incredibly consistent picture of the  throughout all  of its Books.

There is no partof the Bible that says, "The Ten Commandments are ................."What are considered the Ten Commandments are included in in the Bible (Exodus 20:1-17 and Deuteronomy 5:6-21), the of commandments is not clearly (it may appear more reasonable to view thepassages as containing 13 commandments, in either book of the Bible where theyare contained), and they are presented in indifferent books even in the same translations of the Bible (for example: Exodus- "Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy," or Deuteronomy -"Keep the sabbath day to sanctify it, as the Lord thy God has commandedthee").

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INFALLIBILITY - How can the Bible be infallible if it is written by fallible humans?

hen referring to the books of the Christian Bible, the word'canon' is often used (as in "the Canon of Scripture"). According to the American Heritage Dictionary [Note 3], canon may be defined as "thebooks of the Bible officially accepted as holy scripture".

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My Fundamentalist friends insist that Earth is EXACTLY 5,700 +/- years old, that man and dinosaurs walked together, and even in some cases I have read of folks who believe fossils were placed in the Earth by God to deceive the weak in faith as to the veracity and infallibility of the Bible.

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This is another interesting topic of discussion, and I thoroughly enjoy spiritually intellectual discussion concerning God, doctrines and believers opinions. As an educated southerner, a bible thumping Appalachian descendant, I have searched the identity of self , God and my identity and purpose within God and unto the world. The Apostle Paul addressed this scenario by his preaching goal to save others, some by fear, some by love. The identity of God’s severity to cut off branches that were engrafted into the Church, Romans, if they discontinue their belief is not a popular doctrine , as is true for His severity to blot out the names of those written in the lambs book of life for adding or taking away from the book of prophecy, and His judgments upon believers revealed in Revelation chapters two and three . The goodness tho, of God’s love is a daily continuance of ” dying ” and renewal , thus the Apostles continual pronouncement of His identity in Christ as Paul, not Saul which he performed daily. Our continuance of remembering whence we are fallen to stay in the Spirit of love til Jesus returns is our responsibility and to do so is wise( hearing and doing ) and is an example of love ( he that loves me is he that has my commandments and does them ) by which all men may know that we are His disciples . The Apostle clearly states that he continually presses forward to apprehend whom He is apprehended by , but is never boastful due to his many you revelations which he received to rest on his spiritual laurels but rather to remain in the fear of the Lord. A day, like God, is a circle of time which we are to look unto as we run the race of Life. God was/ is that perfect day which we have been provided to rest within His live, Jesus, and daily obtain mercy and grace to attain .. By our faith … which works by love … Which must go thru patience… Which works tribulation …. Experience… Before we attain exceeding great and precious promises to escape ( current troubles ) and eventually the blessed hope of eternal salvation. So bible thumping is commendable if needed, but should always go hand in hand with the message of grace , mercy and loving continuance in well doing to God and others…. Balance, stability is a must to arise, to stand and to walk naturally as well as spiritually . A two edged sword, we carry, merciful, correcting faith and love, and warnings of God’ wrath unto believers and unto unbelievers…. The goodness of God and His severity imho

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Yes, the Bible does use a lot of hyperbole and metaphor. I didn’t mean to say “laid back” referring to our obligation to attempt to follow God’s Word; rather, I felt growing up Lutheran a much more all-encompassing feeling of God’s love and message of HOPE as opposed to the more recent Fundamentalist messages. I have been privileged to know a number of Fundamentalists and they all seemed quite on-edge about the Bible and God vs. my own feelings about them which are very positive.