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Dear Richard, from all of us here at MJI, I would like to extend a big THANK YOU to you for helping make our Abbey Road remote as successful and exciting as it was. Starting the radio stations off with your Beatles tour could not have been a better way to introduce them to London. When we saw George Martin stepping out of the Abbey Road Studios within four minutes of your tour, I was beginning to think you had the whole thing rigged! What great timing! Also, your assistance with booking the talent at the remote itself was invaluable. I have had nothing but compliments from both the radio stations and sponsors of the event. We would be delighted to work with you again.

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“Larry Kane is a legend in the Beatles fraternity – and beyond. His latest work is diligently researched, atmospherically written in a way which makes you hang onto every word of information you’ve never read before, which makes its appearance on the pages.”

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“ Larry Kane knew The Beatles and became a trusted friend, so to now be invited to read some of their memories about the early history of The Beatles is fascinating. However, this is not just a re-telling of the same old stories. Larry has done what he does best as an investigative journalist and re-examined the key events and talked to the people who were there to take a fresh look at how this group of lads from Liverpool became the most famous pop group in history. This is a compelling read for any fan of the Fab Four”

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“ The book is excellent…..Larry has gotten into nooks and crannies of Beatles history that other books have scarcely touched…When They Were Boys completes a fantastic trilogy.”

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“The book is excellent…..Larry has gotten into nooks and crannies of Beatles history that other books have scarcely touched……When They Were Boys completes a fantastic trilogy.”
— Denny Somach, author of Get The Led Out: How Led Zeppelin Became the Biggest Band in the World and well-known rock historian

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“ Here we are in the year 2013 and really…. is there anything left to learn about the Beatles? Well, if you happen to be a Beatles fan looking for a new book full of information NOT found in any of the other pages on the nearby shelf…well When They Were Boys just may be the book for you! See, Larry Kane not only knew the boys personally, (they knew him by name!), he also knows how to tell a damn good story. Larry Kane delivers his best yet, his Beatles-book hat-trick is now complete! Buy two!”