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This is said to have required the construction of an underground reservoir below the building; this "lake" later inspired The Phantom of the Opera's lair.

The Palais Garnier was formally inaugurated on January 15, 1875 with a performance of Fromental Halévy's La Juive and excerpts from Giacomo Meyerbeer's Les Huguenots

During the construction of the Paris Métro, the existence of a legendary river, the Grange-Batelière, was disproved.

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On the shores of the Seine River, at the feet of the tower, an exhibit on the history of human dwelling was held in which the architect Charles Garnier (famous for the Opéra Garnier, commissioned by Napoleon III) participated extensively. The main halls of the fair were next to the Eiffel Tower on the Champ-de-Mars. The Palais des Beaux-arts and Palais des Arts Libéraux were both designed by the architect Joseph Bouvard. They stood right next to the Eiffel Tower. The two other main buildings were the Palais des expositions diverses (designed by Formigé) and the biggest building of all of them, the Galerie des machines (designed by Dutert).

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Take a look inside the most famous opera house in the world. The Paris Opera House, Palais Garnier, in Paris, France is known for its opulent Baroque style interior decor and Beaux-Arts exterior architecture.