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Essentially, Vajazzling is the practice of applying Swarovski crystals, jewels, or other "sparklies" to a female’s intimate nether regions for a fun bit of decoration and added sex appeal.Vajazzling was first offered by the Completely Bare spa in New York City, where the treatment is called "completely bare with a flair".

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The human body is capable of adopting an almost infinite variety of poses and positions. Some of these poses are awkward, ugly or ungainly- these are inappropriate for a Restrained Elegance slavegirl to adopt, for a Restrained Elegance slavegirl should be alluring, elegant and as beautiful as possible, whether in bondage or out of bondage.

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Decoration of the human body dates back to the ancient times and ever since people have experimented with various ways of enhancing one’s visual appeal

The Amazon's mind raced. She knew Sempha would come for her. But when? For how long would she have to hold out against these brutes? She remembered Sempha's words when she was first appointed as her bodyguard. "Whatever happens, don't let the Thoranians take you alive. The men are evil beyond words. Their women are ugly so you would be a great prize in their world. But above all else, gold is everything to them. They know that only I hold the secret to the location of the treasure. If they took you they would expect you to co-operate; to tell them where they would find me so that I, in turn, could be abducted and questioned to reveal my knowledge. If you chose to remain silent they would torture you in hideous ways. Even a woman with a body as remarkable as yours would be sacrificed if it meant getting closer to the gold".

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For five minutes the man brutalised the suspended woman's bare body. Her thighs, her kidneys, the small of her back, her stomach again and again. She flung her head backwards and forwards as she absorbed the blows, occasionally wincing, a moan or two escaping from her lips. Her breasts bounced and quivered as her body adsorbed the blows. Red marks appeared on her skin. The sound of knuckles driven hard against muscle was sickening. By the time he was finished her head was hanging down on to her chest. Her body was slick with sweat.

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He sat at a table, some polish in one hand, a rag in the other. He liked things to be spotlessly clean. "This one", he said to himself, selecting a hook shaped piece. "Where on that hard body of hers shall I apply this first?" He rubbed, holding the blade up to the light to check for stains he might have missed. "My dream come true. A real live Amazon strapped into the device, mine to torture at will". He whistled while he polished, his crooked teeth and thin cruel lips making a surprisingly tuneful combination. His head filled with visions of the muscled beauty struggling while he worked on her.

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Her words incensed the guard making the veins on top of his head stand out. He brute balled his fist. "Seems you're short on manners. Time to give you a lesson you won't forget". The brute slammed a punch into her upper thigh. THUD. The very particular sound of fist against solid muscle. Another punch, this time into the inner part of her other thigh. She swung in her chains almost imperceptibly – pulled so tight there was little give in her body. A third punch, this time into her stomach. Another. One two three, her abdomen taking appalling punishment. Another. This time she let out a groan. Again and again he hit her, pummeling her legs and torso.