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Why was it 100 (Roman) pounds? We presently think these are98 months of Laodicea from Nicodemus (conqueror of the people, the president ofLaodicea) having 1NC reserves in his church from 2006Iyyar14 to 2014Tammuz1 plus2 months from Laodicean first fruits on 2017Adar10 to 2018Iyyar10, when Jesus'body is completely fixed up - making 100 months (AOL is Caleb who runs theautonomous congregation, the angel of Laodicea. POL, the president of Laodiceawas not AOL we think). This is a numerical symbolism- see the . We know that Nicodemus was born again, becausewe know something about God’slove, we would be blind if we could not see the love of Nicodemus. Which brings usnicely to another Binary (Yes/No) Question:

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In his works, The Scarlet Letter and "The Minister's Black Veil", Hawthorne uses symbolism to present a common theme pertaining to religion; that though manifested sin will ostracize a person from society, un-confessed sin will destroy the soul.

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23/01/2011 · One engaging aspect of The Scarlet Letter is Hawthorne’s use of symbolism