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Upon taking the second medication misoprostol tablet, cramping, bleeding, and clotting may begin as soon as 20 minutes. Within the next 6 to 8 hours, most women will miscarry. Cramping may come in waves with increasing and decreasing intensity. You can expect bleeding heavier than a menstrual period with large clots. During this time, you will pass the embryo although you may not see it since it is very small. The amount of bleeding when using the Medical Abortion is greater than with .

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Do not confuse Medical Abortion with the "Morning After" Emergency Contraception Pills (brand name Plan B). They are completely different medications taken for different purposes.

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The feedback we have received from the women choosing this option has been overwhelmingly positive. Although the abortion by pill is more involved and can be a lengthier process, patients choose the abortion pill option because they feel it is more natural and appreciate that they are able to be in their own homes.

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Having offered the abortion pill since 2000, Presidential Women’s Center has more experience in South Florida than any other abortion provider.

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Will medical abortions revolutionize the way abortions are provided?
RU-486 can only be used by women with a pregnancy up to 70 days. These women tend to like the privacy and control the medical abortion allows them.

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Patients appreciate that they are able to be in the comfort of their own home to experience the abortion pill process. You will take one pill at our office and go home with another medication to use the next day.

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Although cramping and bleeding are an expected part of ending a pregnancy, rarely, serious and potentially life-threatening bleeding, infections, or other problems can occur following a miscarriage, surgical abortion, medical abortion, or childbirth. Seeking medical attention as soon as possible is needed in these circumstances. Serious infection has resulted in death in a very small number of cases. There is no information that use of Mifeprex and misoprostol caused these deaths. If you have any questions, concerns, or problems, or if you are worried about any side effects or symptoms, you should contact your healthcare provider.

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A follow-up exam is scheduled for two weeks later to make sure the process is complete. If you have not yet miscarried, we will perform a aspiration abortion. A very small percentage (5%) of women do not pass the pregnancy tissue and need a suction procedure to complete the process.

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If you cannot reach your healthcare provider, go to the nearest hospital emergency room. Take the Medication Guide (PDF)(link to Medication Guide) with you. When you visit an emergency room or a healthcare provider who did not give you your Mifeprex, you should give them your Medication Guide so that they understand that you are having a medical abortion with Mifeprex.