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This is why the lesson from the "birther" issue should be that it is time for a Federal Court to acknowledge that has "standing" to require that proof be produced of the Constitutionally mandated qualifications of candidates for the Presidency.

The Mexican War was the first large military campaign outside the territory of the United States.

The most curious thing about the Kennedy legacy, however, is how it is that this dedicated Cold Warrior and , who said in his inaugural speech that we were prepared to "pay any price, bear any burden" for the cause of Freedom, whose most famous statement, at the recently constructed Berlin Wall, was "I am a Berliner," and who was assassinated by a loser would-be-Communist, has become the endless project of Leftists (aided, we now know, by the KGB itself) who want to convert him into a crypto- or about-to-become Leftist himself, the victim of a diabolical conspiracy by the forces of the Right, the Pentagon, and Lyndon Johnson, who suspected, or knew, that Kennedy was about to abandon the South Vietnamese into the hands of the Communists.

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The President who finally enforced the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments, undoing the shameful compromise of 1877 that ended Reconstruction, also created the Welfare State with its subsidies for illegitimacy that did what, as Walter Williams says, slavery and Segregation had not done: Destroy the black family -- or at least the family among the poorest and most vulnerable members of the black community.

“The union between Texas and the other states was as complete, ..

That being the case, it is not surprising that one continuing characteristic of "progressive" thought is still just, very simply, to despise everything about the United States.

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Running on a Democratic Party platform that made him sound like Grover Cleveland, which would have been great, Roosevelt instead was an unprincipled opportunist who had no intention of letting any tradition or precept of American government, or the Constitution, stand in the way of doing whatever seemed like a good idea at the moment.

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Consequently, the Democratic Party of the Seventies and Eighties became the anti-anti-Communist Party, thoughtlessly countenancing Soviet and Cuban penetration in Africa and Central America, until Jimmy Carter was rudely awakened, much too late, by the naked Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

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Often the irony is that the speakers are Northerners who have left the "Rust Belt," blighted by the socialism of Democrat rule, and relocated to the warmer climate and better economic growth in the "Sun Belt" of the South (where in recent history more jobs have been created annually in Texas than in the rest of the country put together).

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Since Nixon had always been a staunch anti-Communist, it was politically possible for him, as it would not have been for anyone who might have been suspected of weakness against Communism, to make the move to open relations with China and to actually visit the country and meet Chairman Mao.