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State-of-the-art IUDs and Implants , largely because they take human error out of the picture for years on end, or until a woman wants a baby. And despite the deliberate misinformation being spread by opponents, these methods are , not abortifacients. Depending on the method chosen, they disable sperm or block their path, or prevent an egg from being released. Once settled into place, an IUD or implant drops the annual pregnancy rate . And guess what. —which makes me happy, because even though I’m pro-abortion, I’d love the need for abortion to go away. Why mitigate harm when you can prevent it?

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1. I’m pro-abortion because being able to delay and limit childbearing is fundamental to female empowerment and equality. A woman who lacks the means to manage her fertility lacks the means to manage her life. Any plans, dreams, aspirations, responsibilities or commitments--no matter how important--have a great big contingency clause built: “until or unless I get pregnant, in which case all bets are off.”

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In several cities, pro-life and pro-choice supporters have made joint public appearances to reduce tensions and potential violence in their communities and to show the public that pro-choice and pro-life people can work together.

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Participants in ongoing processes have dialogued about what pro-life advocates do for women and children, what pro-choice supporters do for women who have had traumatic experiences with abortion, the limits of activism (e.g., the range of acceptable tactics and approaches), sources of moral authority, birth control, and abortion itself.

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But some things we can know or predict, at least at the level of probability, and I think this knowledge provides a basis for guiding wise reproductive decisions. My friend Judy says that parenting begins before conception. I agree. How and when, we choose to carry forward a new life can stack the odds in favor of our children or against them, and to me that is a sacred trust.

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For example, pro-choice participants may nurse the fond hope that pro-life advocates will recognize the need for some abortions, while pro-life activists may nurture the secret wish that pro-choice advocates will acknowledge the wrongness of abortion.

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The originators of the Network, Mary Jacksteit and Adrianne Kaufmann, drew on their experience as a labor arbitrator/attorney and a Benedictine nun/educator respectively to design a dialogue process focused on the common ground of relationship, the shared need to build trust and community, and a desire for fresh ideas about a divisive issue.