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Not quite. Years later, Hester actually returns to the colony, resuming the scarlet letter of her own will. When she dies, she's buried near the minister, and they share a gravestone marked with—what else?—the letter "A."

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Witchblade, Turner Network Television (TNT), 2001; __ 60-minute episodes; Genre: Fantasy / Police Action Production Company: Blade TV Productions; Adapted: from the Top Cow comic book; Plot Summary: "A new force of justice hits the streets of New York." New York cop Sara Pezzini finds the Witchblade, a magical artifact, giving her super strength, agility, bullet deflection with an armored glove (she instantly gets full armor and sword when her life is in danger).

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The Scarlet Letter is a 1995 American romantic drama film

Scott, Brenton Spencer, David Warry-Smith, David Winning (episodes "The Banks of The Lethe", "The Pearls That Were His Eyes", "The Sum of Its Parts", "A Heart For Falsehood Framed", "Last Call at the Broken Hammer"); Developed By: Robert Hewitt Wolfe; Writers: Steven Barnes (episode 1.16 "The Sum Of It's Parts"), others; Tagline: Worlds Apart from the Rest; Plot Summary: Captain Dylan Hunt commands the sentient Andromeda Ascendant starship, which is part of the military muscle of multi-galaxy utopian All-Systems Commonwealth monarchy.

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Thomson; Starring: (credits order): Paul Reynolds -- Zbych Trofimiuk; Riana -- Gosia Piotrowska; Alex Katsonis -- Brian Rooney; Katrina Muggleton -- Michela Noonan; Brian Reynolds -- Andrew McFarlane; Ashka -- Heather Mitchell; Correon -- Krzysztof Kumor; Gryvon -- Rafal Zwierz; Rest of Cast (alphabetically): Zander -- Piotr Adamczyk; Arla -- Julia Biczysko; The Summoner -- Stanislaw Brejdygant; Jal -- Erlan Buchan; Marna -- Hanna Dunowska; Christine Reynolds -- Georgina Fisher; Ms.

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The Bewitchin' Pool (6/19/1964) Spun-off Theatrical Movie: Twilight Zone: The Movie (Release Date 1983) Twilight Zone Books: The Twilight Zone Companion The Twilight Zone: Complete Stories Twilight Zone Scripts And Stories Richard Matheson's The Twilight Zone Scripts Journeys To The Twilight Zone Return To The Twilight Zone Adventures In The Twilight Zone In the Zone: The Twilight World Of Rod Serling.