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The Lift Stands are amazing and truly worth the wait. The lower setting is 8", the high setting is 14". Very easy to use. I like that they slide around just a little on a smooth garage floor so the car settles properly after jacking and it's absolutely invaluable to be able to raise and lower front/rear or both of the car in the middle of a project in less than two minutes. I just installed CSL headers and Euro cats on my M coupe and absolutely loved the Lift Stands for this reason - lots of back and forth between the top and bottom of the engine compartment.
They are kind of a lot for what they are but after receiving them I couldn't be happier.
It made headers so much more painless. Being able to lower the car to access the top side and pop it back up in just a couple of minutes if I realized I needed to go back below for a minute was such a nice option to have. Also nice for more run-of-the-mill stuff. A couple months ago during my annual inspection on the ZHP I had more than enough room to roll around on a dolly underneath with my clipboard. They're a great compromise if you don't have room for a lift...or if your wife thinks a lift is overkill for an amateur mechanic. My favorite part is how safe I feel under them. Jack stands are perfectly acceptable when used properly but there always seems like there's a minor chance the car could come off them. With Lift Stands the car is basically sitting on the ground...just 14" higher.

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Religious groups can also take advantage of new classes for student and professional groups. These classes have been designed to be a fun way of educating participants about the behind the scenes creation of live theatre. Upon completion of one of the classes, participants will be able to take the concepts of improv, clowning or vaudeville and apply them to business and social settings. Classes are free for groups who have tickets to the same evening’s performance. Otherwise, group rates are available and a season schedule can be found online at .

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You’re in the driver’s seat for this adventure. Take the auto toll road to the top of Mt. Mansfield and take in the greatest views from Vermont’s highest peak.

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The main part of the slopes are flat. The whole length of ski-tracks is more than 15 km. The longest one is “Stary Krugozor – Azau” – 2500 m. All ski tracks have a marking and serviced by snow tractors – special high mountain catterpillar tractor. Its possible skiing to high slopes of Elbrus with elevating by the snow-tractor.

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Mt. Elbrus represents two summits of the extinct volcano – the Eastern by an altitude of 5621 m. above sea level, the Western-5642 m. above sea level. The main composition of the rocks – gneiss, granite, diabase tuffs and volcanic origin. It is located on the Bokovoy Ridge and joins the Main Caucasian Ridge by Hotutau Pass.

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We have updated nearly everything with industry leading brands to ensure that our guests receive the best possible experience. Our new shaped Atomic, K2, and Salomon skis helps people feel much more confident on the snow and progress their skills faster than ever. 100’s of new Atomic and Nordica boots are a welcome addition to our rental department. We know how important comfortable feet are people are going to love these new boots! Each boot has many different ways it can be adjusted to make sure that it’s the perfect fit for everyone.

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High to Elbrus are going the aerial ropeways. Its maximum point – 5642 meters. The lifting height by cable-ways – 3850 meters. Then skiers use the services of snow-tractors to ascent till Pastuhov rocks – 4800 meters.