Previous handling experiencesmay interact with genetic factors.

Epidural blockage with lidocaine, which prevents the animals fromcontracting their muscles and straining against the restraint, failed toinhibit glycogen metabolism.

Novelty is a strongstressor when an animal is suddenly confronted with it.

I work for the largest corporation in Connecticut and reductions in the workforce have caused remaining employees to take on more responsibilities and increased hours. I have seen in my organization successful and well-respected people leaving in their 50s due to stress on the job. Interesting insight on how to endure the long run.

All vertebrates can be fear-conditioned(LeDoux, 1994).

This paper willcover some of the factors that influence how an animal may react duringhandling.

(1995b) reported that training nyala antelope to cooperateduring blood sampling had to be done very slowly to avoid triggering amassive flight reaction.

Exposing piglets to novel noises for 20 min.

Pigs that have been trainedto laboratory procedures will respond to deviations in their daily routinewith a rise in blood pressure (Miller and Twohill, 1983).

increases both heart rate andmotor activity.

Cattle can become accustomed to repeated nonaversive proceduressuch as weighing or drawing blood through an indwelling catheter (Peischelet al., 1980; Alam and Dobson, 1986).

Legislatingtoo many rest stops may be detrimental to welfare.

On the one hand to bemoan that pay is not keeping up with inflation, or not earning a living wage, or debt being incurred, or not maintaining a desirable lifestyle, while at the same time, not wanting to pay one’s dues that are specific to the occupation at higher levels of responsibility appears to be contradictory.

There may be an interaction between rest stops and disease.

Every decision has a cost. Nothing is free. Everyone must make that choice for themselves of whether and for how long and for how much compensation one is willing to put up with the stress, etc. We made the choice. Now we’re able to do all those other creative, labor-of-love things that we’re passionate about – and not have financial worries.

Frequent reststops may be more beneficial to fully vaccinated calves.

People also tend to work longer if they’re in full-time jobs that provide the flexibility to eventually set their hours or work part-time. The study names taxi drivers, chauffeurs, security guards, and couriers. These jobs also offer social engagement, which is known to reduce stress and improve well-being. However, moving into part-time work in a current job was not an option for the majority of the older workers in the study.

Happy, Happy, Happy with both decisions.

When they were handled every 30 daysin a squeeze chute and a single animal scale, balking at the scaledecreased with successive experience and balking at the squeeze chuteincreased slightly (Grandin, 1992).