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Sport for Development, Peace, and Social Justice goes beyond the individual benefits of sport to look more closely at what sport can offer to groups of people and the communities in which they live. Although the domain of sport development is mostly uncharted, editors Robert Schinke and Stephanie Hanrahan integrate sport development projects from different disciplines to challenge readers to broaden the scope of what they think can be achieved through sport.

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This is Sports Management System Project. The system mainly focuses on the selection procedure of students participated in Sports. The selection procedure includes to college level ,state level and national level competition. The students information will be saved in the database depending on the particular sport. The software also has a special feature of adding photos of a particular sport event. the software also provides to store the tournament date and venue. The user can also modify or delete this information. On that particular day, a remainder will be set. The user can also view the number of students registered for a particular sport. Best players is a separate module where the user can select the best 1 or more players to play in the next round or to play for any next higher level tournament. All the information will be saved safely in the database. Any information needed can be retrieved easily without any errors. The system is user friendly and error free.

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Operation 36 is a network of golf facilities who believe to grow the game, we need to do a better job introducing and retaining golfers in the sport. We accomplish this through high-quality player development programming that is motivating and measurable!