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Canberra locals have been the driving force behind the establishment of NeuroMoves Canberra by Spinal Cord Injuries Australia (SCIA). Forced to travel interstate for extended periods for the specialis...

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Nowadays there is much greater knowledge about the moving and handling of spinal injury patients. Incorrect techniques used at this stage could worsen the injuries considerably.

When injury occurs and for a period of time thereafter, the spinal cord responds by swelling.

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The Unit was developed to provide specialised care for patients with spinal cord injury from throughout Scotland. It replaced services at Edenhall Hospital, Musselburgh and Philipshill Hospital, East Kilbride.

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The Queen Elizabeth National Spinal Injuries Unit is responsible for the acute and lifelong care of all adult patients in Scotland with traumatic and non-progressive spinal cord injury.

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Roll on Capitol Hill is United Spinal’s annual legislative advocacy event that addresses issues that impact the health, independence and quality of life of individuals living with spinal cord injuries and disorders.

Every summer our member advocates visit with and educate Congressional leaders about the policy issues affecting the spinal cord injury and disorders (SCI/D) community.

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Recovery from spinal cord injury relies in part on the plasticity of the central nervous system. Plasticity is the ability of uninjured parts of the nervous system to take over the functions of parts that have been injured. This process can be enhanced by rehabilitation but the impact of rehabilitation programs in dogs recovering from

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Thirteen different centers participated in the trial across the US, and submitted their data to our research group. The dogs recruited had suffered the most severe grade of spinal cord injury due to...

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This project evaluated the effect of potassium channel blockade on stepping ability in dogs that were unable to walk. The premise for this study is that following severe spinal cord injury, some anatomically intact but...