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I would like to take this opportunity to talk to you today about what has already been achieved for women’s rights in Afghanistan, and what work I believe there is still to be done.

The plight of the women of Afghanistan to obtain rights began early in history and continues today.

Under the Taliban, women in Afghanistan were forbidden to attend schools, to access health care, to work and even to appear in public unless hidden behind the head-to-toe burqas.

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Similarly, the proper treatment of women in post-Taliban Afghanistan can be a harbinger of a more peaceful, prosperous and democratic future for that war-torn nation.

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By examining men’s rights, and then contrasting those rights with rights of Women in Afghanistan today, facts show that Women suffer from extreme antagonistic sexual discrimination.

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By empowering women with the freedom to choose their own future, we can help Afghanistan become a symbol for people elsewhere who have yet to share in the opportunities provided when human rights include women's rights.

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Afghanistan has come to be recognized as a country that follows strict and fundamentalist Islam, hindering the lives of women and even damaging their lives....

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And just as the Clinton Administration withheld recognition of the Taliban government and condemned its treatment of women, we must not recognize any successor government until women have the right to determine what role they will play in 21st century Afghanistan.

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Ironically, this is happening in a country that has received 12 billion dollars in aid while another 10 billion were pledged at the recent London conference. Even a fraction of this aid has not been used for the benefit and welfare of our people, but filled the pockets of the warlords and high rank officials. According to Dr. Ramazan Bashar Dost a popular MP and former minister of planning, if one billion of the aid reaching Afghanistan was spent honestly to benefit people, Afghanistan's features would have changed.