The AmericanUniversity in Bulgaria

Curriculum Resource Center – Spring and Fall Sessions
The Open Society Foundation for Albania and the Curriculum Resource Center at the University of Central Europe invite applications for spring and fall sessions on curriculum improvement in the humanities and social sciences.

The Soros Foundation offers graduate scholarships according to two main pillars:

Special and Extension Programs at the Central European University
In addition to the post graduate programs in the various fields described above, the CEU offers two special short term programs for faculty specializing mainly in the humanities and social sciences:

Cambridge University Scholarships

Oxford University
Three month research scholarships to do research in the applied social sciences at the University of Oxford are offered for employees of governmental institutions and public policy centers wishing to conduct research for projects they are interested to implement as a contribution to the improvement of the operations of such institutions and centers.

Organizations that support euthanasia for the terminally ill:

Organizations that depict America as a nation whose enduring racism must be counterbalanced by racial and ethnic preferences in favor of nonwhites:

(The reference is to Carol Browner.)

Organizations that call for massive social change, and for the recruitment and training of activist leaders to help foment that change:

(The reference is to Anita Dunn.)

The regional scholarship program based in Budapest, through the Office of the Soros Foundation in Tirana offers an additional two programs to assist Albanian students in Easter countries universities and those who attend post graduate PhD programs in universities in Western countries, North America, Asia and Australia.

(The reference is to John Holdren.)

Organizations that disparage capitalism while promoting a dramatic expansion of social-welfare programs funded by ever-escalating taxes:

(The reference is to Van Jones.)

Organizations that strive to move American politics to the left by promoting the election of progressive political candidates:

George Soros, The Crisis of Global Capitalism (1998), p. 102

The Open Society Institute and the Staffordshire University invite every academic year applications for scholarships to enroll for distance learning programs at the Staffordshire University. Studies are at the Master’s level with duration of l-2 years and at PHD level for a duration of 4 years. The Program offers the possibility to spend part of the time at the University of Staffordshire to attend courses and gain credit points while researching issues of interest. Following their period of stay in Staffordshire, the candidate may alternate by staying in his country and attending lessons on line.