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One night at dinner, we were all eating and talking about school and work and then out of the blue the dineingroom lights flickered violently and then we shut them off and used the window light. After that dinner we all did our thing and mom was upstairs with me and watching tv while my boyfriend was on the pc in our room. After five ten mins we hear a loud thud noise from my little cousins old room. We opened the door and it was quiet but really cold and the heater in that bedroom was on full blast for a week strait. And then one night when my boyfriend was at work and so my was my mom, it was just me and the dog. I decided to get onto the pc and look for a movie on Netflix and then out of no where I feel this feeling of being watched by something intently. I turned around and felt heavy, like I shouldn't be in the room. I looked around and tried to find the cause but the only thing I knew was something is there and isn't happy with me. I darted out of my bedroom and sat my self in the upstairs living room. Then when I thought I was ok I heard this dragging noise against the carpet and looked around the corner To my room and felt the starring feel again.

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Wow I was just talking to someone about something almost like this earlier today…I was saying how weird it is that everytime I think of someone I happen to run into them within to next couple weeks…no matter how long it’s been since I’ve seen them…can that be considered the same thing?

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i recently started university and now i have more problems. i have seen shadows that i am not supposed to see. i have been hearing strange things and also i have problems sleeping. i would go on non-stop with out sleep for up to five days always looking over my shoulder. in the last three days, my left eye started jumping normally. this would be a sign of something bad to happen. and within the last three days.

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I chanced to hit 4:40AM. I noticed the kitchen light come on instantly, and later the inferred in the living room came on as if someone walked from one room into the other. However, further review shows no one there. This happens 4:40-4:50 everynight. Something's going on that I simply don't understand. These lights never come on, unless triggered by a walk by. It only happens 4:40AM. I've thought about sitting in the livingroom at that time, but right now I'm kinda freaked out. I awakened this AM at 4:25 and turned my bedroom TV off and just laid there and listened in the dark. My master bedroom is downstairs ajacent to the living room. No sound or nothing like before. The next day when I checked the recording, the kitchen and livingroom lights turned on.

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Hi Michelle! I have a spirit here in our apartment. I have heard him speak before; I have felt his presence, and even caught an EVP of him. The past couple days, I noticed something strange: the nightlight in our guest bathroom turned a VERY bright white and then burned out….and last night, the lights on our ficus tree did the same thing (the lights got so bright that it woke me up…was like a sunlight)..and then they burned out, too.

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But something strange happened the other night. i went out with the girls on saturday night and everything was fine. went to bed and woke up at 6 in the morning needing the loo. I went down and just sat on the loo and my fire alarms went off??? there was no smoke and there was nothing that could of set them off? that happened again another two times during the night. Also the bathroom light goes off and then back on again.