A mixed economy consists of socialism and capitilism

Socialist countries have decayed over the years as a result of human greed and corruption, yet this same philosophy has pumped lifeblood through the capitalist economies for centuries.

Socialism may sound just and equitable on paper, but it's capitalism that works in the real world.

Capitalism grants opportunities for free trade and association between men, unlike socialism, which takes away the right of man to create and own things.

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Even the socialist or communist ones like China, have turned social capitalist, with the state allowing business and trade to flourish.

It should be noted, therefore, that capitalism as an economic system can exist side by side with socialist values, however, socialism will gradually take over and lead to the establishment of communism.

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Socialism has a negative connotation in America, being identified with increasing government control, the loss of private property, and the ability to trade freely on the open market, among several others.

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The proponents of capitalism call it the , a system which allows the individual to decide his own fate, without government or societal oppression and control.

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His book, the , laid down the foundations of socialist and communist thought in the modern world, examining the failings of capitalism, and calling for a change in the way men lived their lives.

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Yet, capitalism started out as a system that allowed its members to be free, to trade on equal terms, to resist control and progress in life by virtue of merit and ability, and not subsides and dole-outs.


They were forced to trade with other countries like China and India to keep their economy functioning, or the currency devaluation and inflation would be so great that the economy would collapse.

The good that did come from the socialist experiment in Russia was that a predominantly agrarian, feudal society was transformed into a superpower, with the help of centralized planning and state control.

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A definition of would be much more suitable for the state of the American economy today.
Capitalism as a system, works, not because it is a good and just system, God knows it has its faults which have shown themselves over the years.