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1.2.3 The specific reference to the being of the humanperson constitutes like foundation of the social philosophy being eachperson like individuality the one that acts like subject of the socialrelations.

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1,2 Object of social philosophy.1.2.1 Intending the philosophy like science unravellingthe adjustment to the truth more radical than locks up each proposal thatcan be thought, the social philosophy will really study to do objectivethe conditions in which the human relations are developed.

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1,4 Relation with other disciplines.1.4.1 The social philosophy is related directly with sociologyas soon as both have to do with the society.

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1.3.4 The conclusions of the social philosophy will onlybe certain if in addition that they do not present internal contradictionthat desdiga their contents really are not opposite either to the criticthat any other branch of the philosophy can make on a certain conclusivaproposal.


For that reason, the social philosophy cannot lose the perspectiveof the thought unit that is conjugated between the different branches fromthe philosophy which they contemplate a same true being.

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1.3.3 The social philosophy will have its own method ofspeculative nature that starts off from the being in their simpler relationsfor most complex; as much in as in others it is necessary that the persondoes not resign to her essential value: to be individual of free intellectualnature.

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1.3.2 The social philosophy will also require the supportof the ontología and metaphysics in the analysis of the essence of thehuman being, the logic in the arrangement of the relational acts, psychologyon the intellectual perception of the society by the person, cosmologyon the determination of the material scope in the way of being and veryspecially of the ethics like director of the common good.