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SINGIN' IN THE RAIN, screen play and story by Adolph Green and Betty Comden; directed by Gene Kelly and Stanley Donen; produced by Arthur Freed. At the Radio City Music Hall.
Don Lockwood . . . . . Gene Kelly
Cosmo Brown . . . . . Donald O'Connor
Kathy Selden . . . . . Debbie Reynolds
Lina Lamont . . . . . Jean Hagen
R. F. Simpson . . . . . Millard Mitchell
Guest Artist . . . . . Cyd Charisse
Zelda Zanders . . . . . Rita Moreno
Roscoe Dexter . . . . . Douglas Fowley
Dora Bailey . . . . . Madge Blake

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Most of the music had been sitting around unused for some twenty years, and screenwriters Adolph Green and Betty Comden were given the responsibility of coming up with a story for it. During an all-night brainstorming session, they hit upon the inspired idea of setting the story during Hollywood’s transition from the silent era to the age of sound, the period the songs actually date from.

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is so different. First of all, its song-and-dance numbers are worked with some plausibility into the story, which is entertaining enough to be worth watching for its own sake, even if there were no singing or dancing. And yet it’s full of such joy that it singing and dancing; the musical elements aren’t just tacked on. The characters are vivid and delightful, and the romance that develops (amid much bantering and posturing) between Don Lockwood (Gene Kelly) and Kathy Selden (Debbie Reynolds) is completely engaging. Donald O’Connor could have kept up with the Marx Brothers as wacky Cosmo Brown, one of the all-time great supporting characters; and Jean Hagen is deliciously and self-absorbed as an actress named Lina Lamont who’s got a great voice for silent film.

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It is notable that most of the old music is equipped with lyrics by Arthur Freed, who is now a big Metro producer and happened—how did you guess it?—to have produced this film. Maybe that's why the title is "Singin' in the Rain."

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From Singin' in the Rain to The Full Monty and Strictly Ballroom, dance films celebrate our human capacity for improvised, limitless joy. By Michael Newton

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Musicals have been tap dancing their way into moviegoers' hearts since the invention of cinema sound itself. From Oliver! to Singin' in the Rain, here are the Guardian and Observer critics' picks of the 10 best

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The actor and singer tells Ben Marshall about the enduring appeal of the Who, the unspoilt charm of Sicily – and why Singin' in the Rain was the happiest night out in London

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Royal Albert Hall, LondonLush sound and full-throated vocals brought out the best in numbers like Singin' in the Rain – but where were the tap dancers? By Lyn Gardner

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If I were the Minister of Health, I'd see that chemists were well stocked with cassettes of Singin' in the Rain and encourage doctors to prescribe it for depressed patients.