Teenage sleep patterns: Why school should start later.

When teenagers become financially independent, they gain a sense of satisfaction and confidence. It helps them in building up their self-esteem and teaches the value of hard-earned money. Getting paychecks regularly is also a fun thing; they don’t have to take pocket money from their parents. They can now pay their own food bills, shop for a wardrobe and get their own car. Thus, they become financially independent and can now live on their own life.

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I’m going to have to disagree with Deborah above. I know many teenagers who do not have jobs and focus more on school and sports. Kids who are 16 and under should not be looking for employment and most employers would not hire them to begin with because they have to rely on others for rides. I think it’s important for kids under 16 to build a good work ethic by doing chores around the house or in the yard. They can also dog-sit/house-sit/baby-sit for their neighborhood. It’s good to teach these skills at a younger age so when these teens finally can drive they can go into an interview with experience and references to make them more desirable to hire.

Should teenagers work during high school