Anywhere under eu influence is the Wrong part of Europe Boyko.

People, as your population is already decreasing many of the countries in EU (at least not increasing in noticeable phase), why EU will take this decision that will indirectly impact on population growth. If you people wanna extinct from earth like dodo, then EU is welcome.

Austria Finland and Sweden joined the EU at the start of 1995 taking membership to 15.

In Europe there is no law against LGBT as far as I know. Now the question is just about giving legal rights to the each one of the couple such as if one gets deeply ill the other can legally make make decisions for the other or if one dies of old age the other can have part of the others pension for survival. For me, allowing this seams as a logical step for building a fair society.

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All of Europe is in russian sight. Bulgaria for example is already part of the frontline.

Moldova is Romania. They speak Romanian. After Russia stole Moldova from Romania,many Russian speakers were taken to Moldova and Romanian speakers were deported. Today the result is Moldova 70% Romanian and 30% Russian. But historricaly they belong to us and we belong to them. Moldova is Romania and Romania is Moldova. Western Europe should learn eastern Europe history before acting… If Russia attack Moldova, Romania will start war. We have to admit that we will not stand and dont do anithing. We are historically obliged to repair history errors. And that is letting Russia take part of Romania in the 2nd WW. And that is Moldova!

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On the one hand, joining the EU could worsen the already very deteriorated relationships with Russia, Ukraine's traditional major economic partner. On the other hand, there are many doubts about the readiness of Ukranian political institutions to enter the EU. Is Ukraine fit for the EU? Moreover the EU is also undergoing an institutional and its capacity to further enlarge and accomodate a country such as Ukraine has been questioned. If so many are currently the EU why should Ukraine join them?

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The outcome of the last elections [the Socialist Party as the biggest], is the view of a segment of citizens who are still looking Eastwards as a development strategy for the country. I think there is nothing tragic in this. This is an opinion that one should consider and respect. But what I think is important is that the society is well informed about the benefits of our relations with the EU to the whole country, and that our countrymen who looks more towards East are convinced with hard evidence that the benefits of rapprochement are there, and we just need to cherish these fruits.

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Directive 2014/55/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council will be transposed in Poland before November 2018. The soon to be drafted act on electronic invoicing in public procurement, guidelines for which have been accepted by the Council of Ministers in mid-2016, should be effective by late January 2018.

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The political transformations and current problems within have brought to the political agenda the desirability of an eventual European Union for this country. Some analysts warn against dependency on and argue that Ukraine should get closer to the West and join the EU, for economic and geostrategic reasons. The Russian annexation of Crimea and their support to the separatist rebels in Eastern Ukraine is increasing the popularity of some of these ideas. However two different type of arguments have been made against a full EU membership.