Should car spinning & drifting be made an official sport

Drifting has been part of the professional racing sport for a number of years, commonly employed in such motorsport competitions as rally racing, dirt track racing, and national competitions such as the Grand Prix.

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@driftingcom I hacked in to my bf Instagram and I seen this in his news feed and I woods really like to WIN this tickets for his late anniversary gift since we been In a really low budget due to our NEWBORN baby I didn’t get the chance to buy him anything and I know he loves cars and drifting. This will make him sooo happy.

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Drifted brings you drifting coverage from around the world. From grassroots to pro level, we've got all the drifting games, news, videos and photos you need.

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@driftingcom i feel i deserve the tickets because i have a true passion for drifting and cars and i sit literally two feet away from my drift car that im trying to get together . I want to go to see part of drifting can take you . I feel like i promote by following you guys and building a s13 🔰to meet yall there !

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I think i should win a ticket because i have always wanted to go, and also i was born april 13 1994 so if i win it would be an awesome birthday precent!!! @driftingcom

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- , This site is a legend. A bible for racing lovers. News from all around the word. Unfortunately, to get access to all news, interviews and to open the site completely you should be subscribed to Autosport magazine. Anyway, great read.

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Kansei Drift
This is performed at race speeds. When entering a high speed corner a driver lifts his foot off the throttle very fast to induce a mild oversteer and then balances the drift through steering and throttle motions. The car that is being used for this style of drift should be a neutral balanced car therefore the oversteer will induce itself. If the car plows through any turn this technique will not work.

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Well I think I should receive a ticket because I went to watch @vaughngittinjr at @formulad Irwindale and the while time I was on edge… The atmosphere is electric and the show these guys put on is like nothing that can be described… Tire smoke, loud engines, and a bunch of enthusiast that are all going ape shit when these guys just slam on the gas, pop the ,, and ride the those curves with no fear… I tell my friends all the time to go to drift events at Adam track in river side and we go at least once a month, I bought a Vaughn Gittin Jr shirt and I wear it proudly any chance I get and I also managed to blow the motor on my car by trying to drift a corner… So look no further @driftingcom