Please ban it!No, I don't think smoking should be made illegal.

Not whilst I'm still alive
I'd suggest an effective ban on murderers, thugs, thieves and paedophiles before we worry about smokers.
Great idea, should be simple to police, fair on the majority of the population, and the Health service can refuse to treat people who then have smoking related diseases.

It would be better for everyone to ban it in public places.

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I've always said that they should ban cigarettes!

If you invented cigarettes today they would be banned.

Excise duties should be raised so cigarettes cost at least three times their 1948 level in real terms and raised at least once every three months to stay that way.

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E-cigarettes should be banned indoors over fears that they can be as toxic to bystanders as normal cigarettes, the World Health Organisation has said.

Should vaping be banned in public spaces

It should be illegal to smoke in public places and near children - but banning out-right will only give the already massive drugs trade another market area.

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Put smokers in cold, exposed glass-houses outside offices and pubs to practice their 'orrible 'abit, but don't ban it completely.
Criminalising smoking would be madness.

Ban 'toxic' e-cigarettes indoors, says WHO - Telegraph

I never want to be exposed to tobacco smoke again, yet just walking down the street each day, I am - why should society allow that?
Ban the damn stuff.

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The fact that smoking kills more than a thousand people who don't choose to do it, harms unborn babies, fills our streets with litter and makes going out unpleasant means that of course it should be banned.