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Sexual harassment can occur in the workplace or learning environment, like a school or university. It can happen in many different scenarios, including after-hours conversations, exchanges in the hallways, and non-office settings of employees or peers.

From a legal standpoint, there are two different categories of sexual harassment:

Employers have an obligation to prevent sexual harassment from occurring in the workplace. If it can be shown that the employer knew or should have known that the harassment was occurring and they did not take all reasonable actions to stop it, then the employer can be held liable for an individual’s actions. Here are some tips for employers to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace:

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Obviously, it’s a good idea to prevent sexual harassment if it all possible. Not only is it a legal obligation, but it’s also smart business. After all, a hostile work environment is not a good recipe for maximum productivity.

Some men disagree on what amounts to sexual harassment …

Women around the world are beginning to tell their stories and expose the pervasiveness of sexual harassment in their societies. A 1992 International Labor Organization survey of 23 countries revealed what women already know: that sexual harassment is a major problem for women all over the world. Sexual harassment affects women's mental and physical health as well as their social and economic status. The level of tolerance for sexual harassment varies from culture to culture. For information on the incidence of and remedies for sexual harassment in a variety of countries, see by Susan Webb (MasterMedia Limited, New York, 1994)

Many men aren't even sure what sexual harassment is.

Sexual harassment in schools is illegal under of the 1972 Education Act. This law applies to schools, colleges and universities that receive any amount of federal funding. Title IX allows the U.S. Department of Education to investigate complaints, order remedies, and withhold funding from educational institutions in violation of Title IX. Enforcement of Title IX is administered by the Department's of Education's Office of Civil Rights.

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Although sexual harassment laws do not usually cover teasing or offhand comments, these behaviors can also be upsetting and have a negative emotional impact.

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In 1992, Christine Franklin, a high school student from a Georgia school district, became the first to win a Supreme Court case for sexual harassment under Title IX. She claimed to have been sexually harassed by her male science teacher for two years. The harassment culminated in rape on three occasions.

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Equity in education is compromised and jeopardized by the existence of sexual harassment in educational institutions. In the 1993 (AAUW) study "Hostile Hallways", 85% of all girls and 76% of boys reported having been sexually harassed at school. But, says Anne Bryant, former director of AAUW, "The impact on girls is far more devastating". Many more girls than boys said that, as a result of the harassment, they were afraid in school or less confident about themselves.