do I see myself as male or female.

Silva Mind Control began my spiritual journey. Because of 1970s revelations of government mind control programs such as , the course now is called the Silva Method. There are millions of satisfied graduates, and the money-back offer has been around since the beginning. I heard of one person once who took them up on it. Actually, I heard of two, but the first one got her money back to prove to her family that the course was not a "scam," and then her entire family took the class and she paid the money back.

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The channeled entity that told me about that once-in-a-lifetime event that I unexpectedly had later that same day also told me that I was in a position of responsibility when Atlantis melted down, and that I have spent nearly every lifetime since then performing a spiritual penance to balance my karma. When I was told that, I immediately had the vague sense that I was female in that lifetime. In performing the study for this site’s material, particularly , I have been digesting a great deal of anthropology, including archeology, and I have seen many scientists propose real events to account for ancient myths such as flood or Atlantis legends. If Atlantis was a technologically-advanced civilization, it does not seem to have existed on this planet or this dimension of this planet. When I hear tales of Atlantis, I do not know what to make of them, but being told that I helped melt down Atlantis makes me think about it. I may well be trying to get the global energy issue resolved in this lifetime to balance my karma, and the nearly universal fear that I have seen regarding the of free energy may be related to ancient memories of energy abuse. That interpretation seems reasonable, but what I have seen more of is people’s , far more than a with energy technologies.

How do I see myself in the future?

What Is Self-Concept and How Does It Form?

“Give your will to me. Free will can be burdensome, and I have a special ability to handle it. If you give your will to me, I will take care of it, making your decisions for you, and making your existence easier.”

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The jobs I was qualified for were largely in the industrial wasteland areas of LA, which were nearly as hellish as Skid Row, or jobs for which I had to regularly travel, and I was burned out on business travel after spending about seven months out of town in my three years in LA. After doing some interviews and getting a job lead from my manager, I realized that I was trapped in hell. That day, eight years after the and changed my studies from science to business, I had hit rock bottom once again, dreading the next day. For the second and so far last time in my life, I desperately prayed for guidance. The next morning, it was not as dramatic as my first waking thought like the first time, but in the first hour . Even if I could not find work, it sure beat living in hell. I had given up on the idea of living in Seattle anytime soon the previous summer, but I was jumping up and down. That was on Tuesday. By Saturday, I was driving to Seattle, and on Monday I arrived at my grandparents’ home in Seattle. It would be my fourth attempt to live in Seattle, but I was planning to never leave again, no matter what. But my “friends” had other plans for me. A local company whose products I used and liked I was planning to apply to, and with my talents I have little doubt that I could have landed a job with them. They were about to become a company whose stock was publicly traded, but before I had a chance to apply to Microsoft, I ended up meeting Dennis. Four days after arriving in Seattle and ten days after that voice spoke to me, I was interviewing at Dennis’s company, and the rest is history. I have never heard of another story like that.

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I wanted work near my home in Redondo Beach so I that would not have to brave the freeways every day, as I had done for the past three years. I averaged about an hour-long commute to work, which was usually not in downtown LA where my office was, but at the offices of clients that dotted the LA area, from Woodland Hills to Riverside to Newport Beach. I usually slept on friends’ floors when the commute was two hours each way, and an associate even slept on my couch one day, when he would have had to commute more than two hours to work for me the next day.