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On the other hand, same-sex couples are essentially incapable of procreating, and everyone can see this. Therefore, the defender of marriage can plausibly claim that—since marriage is a public and visible institution—licensing same-sex marriages undermines the public understanding of marriage in a way that licensing infertile marriages does not. No aspect of this position needs to be motivated by bigotry toward gays and lesbians in the way that any defense of anti-miscegenation laws must be motivated by bigotry toward blacks.

In other states, same-sex marriage has been approved either through legislation or voter referenda.
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I strongly NOT agree with same-sex marriage! When we looking to our future, we should action against this matter now, if not our Children’s future will be in danger. God made Man and Woman for what? Please follow the God’s word’s and say no to same-sex marriage.

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In any case, overturning State laws would be unnecessary because male same-sex couples in Australia ALREADY HAVE THE LEGAL RIGHT to ‘found a family’. They can do this in a number of ways:
– They can legally ADOPT a child in NSW, the ACT, WA, Tasmania and, very soon, Victoria.
– They can have a child via an altruistic SURROGATE in QLD, the ACT, Tasmania, Victoria and NSW. The non-genetic father can then adopt that child through existing ‘step-parent adoption’ laws (except in Qld). In many States, adoption by the non-genetic father is not even required because they are automatically recognised at birth.
– An individual gay man can ADOPT a child in all States except SA.
– They can raise a child together that one of them fathered during a previous heterosexual relationship.

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Before the ruling, 36 states were issuing marriage licences to same-sex couples, as well as Washington DC, which sets its own marriage laws but is not legally a state.

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Viewed in this light, the defenders of traditional marriage and the opponents of interracial marriage are animated not just by different but by actually opposite motives. The former object to same-sex marriage because they know such a union could not be a marriage: a union that is in principle capable of the generation of human life. The latter objected to interracial marriages precisely because they knew that they could function as marriages thus understood.

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The justices, who had previously stopped short of resolving the question of same-sex marriage nationally, had to consider whether or not states were constitutionally required to issue marriage licences and if states were required to recognise same-sex marriages performed elsewhere.

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Gay marriage will eliminate the need to “fight long and hard … for the right to have a child”. Poor parenting by male and female couples will not be solved by handing their unwanted children to same-sex couples who only need apply.

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Every couple (heterosexual or homosexual) who adopts has to fight a long and hard battle to bring it about. Same sex marriage does not and cannot change that fact.
Furthermore, same sex couples already have the right to legal parental status, and the right to adopt. Bestowing or withholding the right to marry will not change that.
This entire “but what about the children” argument is a nonsensical red herring.