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(Hebrews 8:10-13) Although the Bible does not specifically mention the Ten Commandments prior to Mt Sinai, this silence does not eliminate the presence or knowledge of God’s law as dispensationalists claim. Moses says very little in Genesis about the extent of man’s knowledge as it pertains to God’s laws. But Moses does explain how sin began and that God’s patience with sin and rebellion reached its limit during the time of Noah.

In what book will I find the revelation of the Ten Commandments to Moses on Mt Sinai?

Although some of it is repetitive (35:4 to 38:20, and 39:1-31, for example, it repeats earlier sections of the book, sometimes almost word for word), it contains vital teaching about God’s blueprint for living as seen in the Ten Commandments, and about Christ as seen in the Tabernacle. The Israelites arrived at Mount Sinai where they remained throughout the rest of the events recorded in Exodus 19:1 to Numbers 10:10.

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The Israelites journey from Egypt to Mt Sinai > Moses receives the Ten Commandments

It is strange that some scholars deny that Moses was the author of the five "Books of Moses," the Pentateuch, the Torah. Moses was an educated man, capable of reading and writing, and is clearly described as "writing" God's words down. These commandments were not orally transmitted, only to be recorded generations later (as some historical sections of the Bible probably were), but written down soon after they were given on Mt. Sinai. While the hands of other editors are visible in the Pentateuch, much of it is no doubt Moses' own work, or that of the scribes to whom he personally dictated the material God had given him.