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To proceed with the Biblical curiosities. Naturally you will think thethreat to punish Adam and Eve for disobeying was of course not carriedout, since they did not create themselves, nor their natures nor theirimpulses nor their weaknesses, and hence were not properly subject to anyone'scommands, and not responsible to anybody for their acts. It will surpriseyou to know that the threat was carried out. Adam and Eve were punished,and that crime finds apologists unto this day. The sentence of death wasexecuted.

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In your country and mine we should have the privilege of making funof this kind of morality, but it would be unkind to do it here. Many ofthese people have the reasoning faculty, but no one uses it in religiousmatters.

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- Autobiography of Mark TwainMine was a trained Presbyterian conscience and knew but the one duty--to hunt and harry its slave upon all pretexts and on all occasions, particularly when there was no sense nor reason in it.

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5. Every man in the earth possesses some share of intellect, large orsmall; and be it large or be it small he takes pride in it. Also his heartswells at mention of the names of the majestic intellectual chiefs of hisrace, and he loves the tale of their splendid achievements. For he is oftheir blood, and in honoring themselves they have honored him. Lo, whatthe mind of man can do! he cries, and calls the roll of the illustriousof all ages; and points to the imperishable literatures they have givento the world, and the mechanical wonders they have invented, and the glorieswherewith they have clothed science and the arts; and to them he uncoversas to kings, and gives to them the profoundest homage, and the sincerest,his exultant heart can furnish -- thus exalting intellect above all thingselse in the world, and enthroning it there under the arching skies in asupremacy unapproachable. And then he contrived a heaven that hasn't arag of intellectuality in it anywhere!

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Presently a serpent sought them out privately, and came to them walkingupright, which was the way of serpents in those days. The serpent saidthe forbidden fruit would store their vacant minds with knowledge. So theyate it, which was quite natural, for man is so made that he eagerly wantsto know; whereas the priest, like God, whose imitator and representativehe is, has made it his business from the beginning to keep him from knowingany useful thing.

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If you do not take yourself, or your religious creeds, too seriously, and if you can take a good sharp look at our human species and laugh at the foolish little games that we play, then you will love But if you are religiously thin and tight lipped, out to save the world and judging others through squinted eyes, then Letters From the Earth is for you, too. Twain may guide you through and out of your labyrinth.