Self-reliance is its aversion" (Emerson, 21).

We develop an opinion of what makes a person “great.” In the well-known essay “Self-Reliance”, Ralph Waldo Emerson provides a beautiful way of approaching these choices, and he reveals a very inspiring set of values centralized around going through life answering only to yourself....

That is the obvious message that Emerson is trying to convey in his essay

Marsh added his own "Preliminary Essay,"underscoring the distinction between "the understanding," thatdistinctly Lockean faculty of rationalizing from the senses and"the Reason," those higher intuitions valued not only by Germanidealists but by mystics through the ages.
Soon afterward, Frederic Henry Hedge, a Unitarian ministerequally conversant with German thought, wrote for thatdenomination's journal, The Christian Examiner, a laudatoryarticle on Coleridge that Hedge claimed was "the first word, sofar as I know, which any American had uttered in respectfulrecognition of the claims of Transcendentalism." This articlemade a very great impression on Ralph Waldo Emerson, who calledit "a living leaping Logos."

Added to all of this, the scriptures of the Eastern faiths ofHinduism and Buddhism were increasingly discovered (by those ofEuropean culture) and valued, translated, and published so thatthey were more widely available.

“Self-Reliance” Paragraphs 1-17.

However, the real question is “is it possible to be totally self-reliant”.

Emerson believed that man is innately good, and that if he were left to his own devices without the structures of society and laws boxing him in, he would create a utopian society very different from the one Emerson lived in....

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Milton’s break with consistent expectations is epitomized in his use of a Petrarchan sonnet in the poem "When I Consider How My Light Is Spent." Nonconformity and discontinuity in a man’s approach to life are the doctrines espoused by Emerson in his work "Self-Reliance," and Milton embodies an Emersonian outlook whi...

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From the beginning he was disillusioned withorganized Christianity (he never went to Church) and like Emerson showed greatinterest in Hinduism and its philosophy.

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Jim Taylor questions the extent of reliance on the self-help books for personal improvements: People are still looking for honest to goodness ways to change.

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With the creation of one of the most influential progression of literature in American history, Emerson, and fellow Transcendentalists helped develop American tenets.

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In "Prospects," the eighth and final chapter of Nature, Emerson promotes intuitive reason as the means of gaining insight into the order and laws of the universe.

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Whitman, an American poet, and Emerson, an American philosopher, take different approaches in their search for self-discovery, yet within their solutions, many parallels can be found....